West Monterey Bay
Buoy Wave Height History

Updated: 7:41 am on (Wednesday) 12.12.18
Condition Current 24 Hour Minimum 24 Hour Maximum
Significant Wave Height 6.6 ft. 6.2 ft. 12.1 ft.
Average Period 6.8 secs. 6.8 secs. 9.4 secs.
Mean Wave Direction 298 () -- --
Swell Height 3.9 ft. 3.9 ft. 9.5 ft.
Swell Period 12.5 secs. 10.5 secs. 15.4 secs.
Swell Direction WNW --  
Wind Wave Height 5.2 ft. 4.6 ft. 7.9 ft.
Wind Wave Period 9.9 secs. 7.1 secs. 9.9 secs.
Wind Wave Direction WNW -- --

How this Works

The Buoy Wave History shows us the last 7-days of data recorded by an actual physical buoy moored offshore. The chart on top of the graphic lets you easily follow the trend of the measured wave heights as they push past the buoy array. Go here for more information on how this works.

West Monterey Bay - 23NM WNW of Monterey, CA
Buoy Types: Floating Realtime (History) Buoy | Virtual Forecast Buoy

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