About Solspot

Solspot is a company dedicated to forecasting the forces of mother-nature with a proprietary toolset to enhance an individual’s soulful lifestyle. We support all who search for the best conditions to showcase their athletic prowess and artful displays of style.


Adam Wright |  Forecasting Ninja

Adam has been a professional meteorologist and surf forecaster since 1999 and has worked for many of the popular surf sites including Transworld SURF, Surfline, Wavewatch, and FuelTV. Currently he is the Chief Forecaster for Solspot.com and is responsible for letting us know when we should ditch the computers for either a quick session of epic trip. Adam focuses on providing easy-to-understand, and hopefully entertaining surf forecasts. While Adam specializes in mostly Pacific Ocean forecasts (Hawaii, Pacific NW, California, Mexico, Central America, and South America.) he does keep close tabs on global conditions and will occasionally produce forecasts for random locations worldwide.

Jens “JP” Rasmussen | CSO

Born and raised in Northern California moved to San Diego in the late 80′s to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. After graduating has spent the last 15+ years designing and creating real world technology solutions for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Spends a lot of time commuting for work (and surfing…) between San Diego, Northern California and Mexico. Jens’ quiver consists of 10 surfboards, 2 snowboards, 1 stroller and 2 wagons (baby Kai needs 2).

Feel free to drop Jens an email with any questions or business development ideas: jp at solspot.com

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