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(Wednesday) 6.21.17

Rip Curl Flashbomb Review

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We got our hands on a bunch of new suits in December. But after a very un-surfable winter (a run of storms that gave us tons of brown water) and then the onslaught of Great White Sharks that were patrolling local waters we haven’t been able to test them. That all changed a couple weeks ago and we were finally able to start testing and the first report is below with Rip Curl!


Before we dive into Rip Curl’s newest suit we wanted to give a shout out to our sponsor – Casio G-Shock Watches. The folks at G-Shock hooked us up with their new “Gulfmaster” watch, specifically the GN1000GB-1A model. Love this watch! Yes, tells time, yes does tides, yes it does moon phases and tells time in 48 cities around the globe, but what I found most interesting was the built in thermometer. Made it really easy to do a contrast on internal core temp and outside temp.  Thanks Casio for the support – right on.


Casio Gulfmaster

Casio Gulfmaster

On to the initial suit review…



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is the Cadillac of wetsuits. The comfort level is supreme, the features are a plenty, and the performance is solid. Let’s dive into comfort to start. Slipping into this suit is like no other on the market. The silky soft E5 Flash Lining is my favorite wetsuit interior of any suit tested. The suit has a snug fit and compresses on dry land but because of the Flash Lining you just feel comfortable. Jump in the water and there is some expected stretch but the comfort level remains the gold standard.


Features, yeah it’s got ‘em. The above mentioned comfortable Flash Lining also serves as a quick drying agent. Rip Curl uses this feature to tout the suit as the fastest drying (we will test later). This feature is great for the surfers who go out 2x a day or every day and can’t wait for their suit to get dry. And yes, dry time is a key feature, but I think one of the most practical (and my favorite features) are the anti-flushing systems. Combining well designed cuffs and ankles with a smart zip free entry system and “lock slide closure” make this suit best in class when it comes to keeping water out.


The suit also offers additional features. Seams are triple glued with a double stitched seam that only penetrates one side of the material providing a high stretch, high strength, and water sealed seam. Rip Curl uses their E5 tape to lock in critical seams too. There is also an external calf pocket but more of a hide-a-key guy.


Although not directly related to performance I must say I am stoked to see the price drop on the suit. Last time we tested a Rip Curl the price came in at $499 this suit is listed on ripcurl.com for only $379 – YES!









Test #1

Oh was it cold out. Air was 51 degrees (thank you Casio for the precise reading) with cold offshore breeze (5-6mph) and the sun wouldn’t come up for another 20-30 mins. I was immediately grateful for tight seams as it made ocean entry relatively smooth and no sting for the chilly 53 degree water. Conditions felt colder than normal. I was getting brain freeze on every duck dive the entire session but the suit held up great. My body was warm while my feet, hands, and face had all turned pink because of the cold.


The surf was 3-4 and playful with fun corners and inside walls. Plenty of waves surfed and plenty of opportunities for the suit to leak – but it doesn’t. I’ve tested Rip Curl suits in the past and one complaint was the zipper. It was small and difficult to latch with cold hands and low light of a DP session. This suit is zipper-less and smartly designed so big thumbs up there.



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