Fun surf to start off the week.

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Austin Gendron
(Monday) 9.11.17

Central America and Mainland Mexico Short-Range Surf Forecast

New long-period S (175-190) fills in, likely peaking later Monday/Tuesday before easing through the remainder of the week and blending with mostly medium period energy from near the equator.  Overall wave heights looking to be moderate in size for standouts.  Read more for details.


Should have some fun S (175-190) filling in today, likely peaking late and holding size through Tuesday before lingering with a blend of medium period southerly swell through the end of the work week.  Deepwater swell heights are expected to be around 3 to 5 feet.  Surfwise that’s going to mean a range of surf from waist to head high at less exposed spots to chest to overhead+ along the exposed coast.  Magnets and deepwater spots are expected to see bigger wave heights in the range of overhead to well overhead, possibly bigger for spots like Puerto.

As the swell settles and blends with the smaller but steadier mix of southerly (170-220) medium period swell in the water we’re going to see wave heights running more consistently in the waist to head range, with sets at standouts going head high to overhead+.

Tropical Outlook

The tropics are looking a little interesting.  There are a couple areas of low pressure south of Baja, that aren’t looking super likely to generate any swell (especially over the next 5 days).  A more aggressive trough a few hundred miles off the coast of Southern Mexico though is showing much likelier chances of becoming a tropical cyclone this week.  Global models can’t quite figure out what they want to do though….  Central Mexico and southern Baja look like they are going to be the target, with  at least some stormy weather and additional short-medium period wind swell/swell on top of the easing energy in the water through the second half of the week.  There’s a chance that the system could develop into a fairly organized storm as it moves up the coast, but its still too early to call.

Costa Rica | Nicaragua | El Salvador | Southern Mexico

Long-Range Surf forecast Central America and Mainland Mexico

North Pacific Swell Forecast

North Pacific isn’t showing much of anything.

South Pacific Swell Forecast

Not much out there.  we are keeping an eye on some activity off the coast of Chile over the coming weekend.  It’s a weak system but has a decent NE trajectory.  Might yield some small S-SSW (180-200) swell for late next week into the following week… but don’t expect much.

Next long-range forecast expected for Friday the 15th of September 

Austin Gendron
Surf Forecaster