Extra pulse of WNW-NW to start off the weekend. Small s.hemi on tap until next week

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Austin Gendron
(Thursday) 6.15.17

Short Range Surf Forecast Overview

Small to moderate and textured wind swell in the water Thursday.  We’re expecting an increase in WNW-NW energy Friday and Saturday as some moderate sized medium energy adds to the wind swell already in the water.  Small Southern hemisphere background swell will continue to produce inconsistent and small surf through the weekend.  Potential for some inconsistent but bigger SSE (165-175) due mid-next week.  Read more for details.

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San Francisco | San Mateo | Santa Cruz | Monterey | SLO County

Southern hemi exposures will continue to see smaller ankle to waist high surf through the work week. Friday could see a slight up tick in consistency Friday as weak SSW (185-195) arrives. Size eases again through the weekend. Our next southern hemisphere swell is due to show up next Monday from the SSE (165-175). Central California is going to be mostly shadowed by Pt. Conception for this one. For a few select magnets where the swell can wrap into, there could be some waist to chest high waves, but otherwise we’re expecting most southerly exposures to remain in the knee to waist high+ range.

Wave heights along the W-NW exposed coast are expected to continue running waist to head high at standouts through Thurs. There will be a little bit of medium period energy mixing in Friday, which could help boost top exposures into the chest to overhead range through Saturday. Weather is supposed to heat up over the next few days inland. Coastal conditions are looking a little more questionable. There’s a chance that the gradient could shift north enough that winds start to blow offshore in some areas, most likely along the Central Coast. Most models though continue to show a fairly consistent NW gradient over the outer waters adding texture and bump to the surface for the exposed coast. The surf is supposed to settle again through early next week.

Here’s what to expect on a day-to-day basis this week:

Thursday the 15th wind swell/swell mix holds around waist to head high. A little extra s.hemi could mean knee to waist high waves at standouts.

Friday the 16th, WNW-NW increase into the waist to head high+ range, possibly a little bigger. S.hemi energy mostly small, but potential for knee to waist high waves at standouts.

Saturday the 17th Wind swell should hold, bringing waist to head high+ surf to the exposed coast. Small s.hemi.

Sunday the 18th waist to head high+ at W-NW exposures, small at s.hemi spots.

Monday the 19th Southern hemi eases could increase a little from the SW. Southerly exposures should be running knee to waist high. W-NW exposures should see waist to head high surf still.

Tuesday the 20th southern hemi spots open to SSE could see some knee to waist high+ surf, while most exposures see ankle to waist high waves. Standout W-NW exposures dependent on wind swell, but potentially could be waist to head high still.

Wednesday the 21st Windswell holds. Southern hemisphere energy could peak potentially bringing inconsistent waist to chest high waves to SSE magnets.

Tropical Overview


Long-Range Surf and Swell Forecast

North Pacific Swell Forecast

No notable swell makers in the near future.

South Pacific Swell Forecast

Looking further out, we have new SW (215-225) that should be arriving on the 22nd. The storm is currently traveling NE along the coast of New Zealand, generating 35+ foot seas with a good trajectory for California.

These swells tend to be better focused on Central and Northern California. More average summer spots around Socal and the Central Coast could be waist to chest high+ or a little bigger. Standouts for Central California could see bigger set waves coming through at magnets and deepwater spots. More info early next week.

Next long-range forecast expected for Monday the 19th of June. 

Austin Gendron
Surf Forecaster