Austin Gendron
(Wednesday) 5.2.18

Next Chapter

Unfortunately I will no longer be updating this forecast for the foreseeable future.  Please feel free to check out the Southern California Long range for a general idea of what swells will be headed for California.  And of course if you have any questions please feel free to email me, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.  

I want to tell all of you that have been reading my reports that I really appreciate the support over the years.  This has been a passion of mine, and I hope that sometime in the not so distant future I will be able to return to writing the Central California forecast.  Until then, my contact information is below…

Thank you,

  • Jonathan Hess

    Thank you for your work. You’ve gotten me stoked and up for lots of great missions, and lots of fun. I’m sure lots of us will agree with your hope to extend your forecasts back north again!! Best wishes.

  • Todd Boswell

    Thank you. Your knowledge of forecasting will be missed. I’ve been reading your long-term section for the last five years and it’s helped me score waves throughout US west coast and mainland Mex. I’ve learned about direction of swells and countless other variables to get a good swell. Loved how you drew on the WAM model maps to illustrate the current happenings. My two favorites were the 10000 iguanas eating up the swell in the Galapagos islands ( I know you meant the blocked swell) and the three headed dragon in the south Pacific (massive swell 3or 4 years ago). Epic one indeed… Hope you find a way to return sometime soon. If not best of luck.

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