Saturday is going to be a surf day. New swell and fun conditions what else can you ask for?

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Austin Gendron
(Friday) 9.28.12

Forecast Overview

Saturday is going to see new WNW-NW swell building early on if not overnight, so the surf should be up when you wake up in the morning.  There could also be some more of this S-SSW swell mix in the water that’s looking pretty fun at south facing breaks mixing things up a little.  Morning conditions are looking good again.

The Swell

The new WNW-NW energy should be coming in overnight with periods around 16 seconds peaking through the day at around 14 seconds.  The majority of the energy should come through in the afternoon, but the morning still looks pretty big.  I wish the California buoy wasn’t floating off somewhere in the NPacific right now (it’s been on vacation for what seems like the past year).  I’d have a much better idea of timing.  SE Papa did start registering 15-second swell last night around 5:30pm at 10 feet.  You can click through to the page by clicking on the image.  To get a nice pretty picture, drag your mouse over the past 24 hours on the week graph, and it will zoom in on the area i’m looking at here.

Anyways, that buoy is a little over a day out so, we could start seeing some sets Friday night.  The swell is expected to peak at around 13-seconds through the day Saturday.  The icing on the cake is going to be the Southern Hemi mix at S facing breaks, where the combo of wrap and 16 second swell should make for some fun surf at a lot of the standouts.

Get more details on how this swell will affect your favorite spots in the Surf Region Forecasts by clicking the regions name/link under its chart.

San Francisco/San Mateo Santa Cruz/Monterey Central Coast

The Surf

Wave heights in the morning should be pretty decent at stand out W-NW facing breaks.  Size is expected to be overhead to a couple feet overhead, with some bigger sets coming in at several feet overhead and maybe a little bigger at the best breaks on the right tide.  Morning conditions are looking pretty nice, and this swell could be a little less mixed up than the last one, which was all over the place and heavy.  South facing breaks are a little more questionable on size, because there’s going to be a decent mix of wrap and SSW swell in the water.  Spots that really channel in all the energy like in Santa Cruz there could be waves in the overhead to a couple feet overhead range.  Other typical breaks are looking closer to waist to head high.

The Weather

Another morning of lighter winds as which is going to be huge for keeping the conditions cleaner.  Most places will be light and variable to start, although with a little onshore push as the high pressures should still be building.  It looks like the cloud cover could clear out a bit earlier thanks to that building high pressure, revealing a pretty nice day.  Wind speeds in the afternoon will pick up out of the NW though and probably be in the 5 to 10 mph range, maybe a little stronger say 15 mph along the Central Coast as the inland temperatures start to boost into the 80′s and 90′s.

The Skinny

Those of you who were really frustrated with how jumbled the W-NW facing breaks were earlier this week when that bigger WNW came through will be frothing over the cleaner conditions tomorrow morning.  The earlier you get out the better, but overall the rest of the day should be pretty fun and surfable as well as long as you have a little protection from the winds.  S-SW facing spots will be working to0, and if the winds aren’t working at your local W-NW facing spots that might be where you want to go.  Oh… the weekend crowds… yeah they’ll be there.