Adam Wright
(Tuesday) 10.23.12

Shades of Summer: New paintings, inspired by the 2012 summer, from artist Kevin Short

With the weather changing and fall starting to edge toward winter…I thought it might be nice to take a look back at our summer surf through the brushes of one of our favorite painters/surfers, Kevin Short.

Like many of us, Kevin spent his summer days on the beach, surfing, bodysurfing, and pushing his groms into waves. This was one of the first summers in a while that truly felt like “summer”, the June gloom burned off early, it was hot on the beach, and while we only saw a couple of big summer swell days the wave machine was consistently running…all of which seemed to add fuel to Kevin’s artistic fire.

Kevin’s art typically has a warm feel to it, but this group of paintings is quintessentially summer. For me looking at these paintings takes me back to the feel of the warm water, scampering across the hot sand, playing with my sons in the shorebreak, and the slight sting of an afternoon sunburn courtesy of sunscreen long washed away…he has a way of blocking out the frustrating parts of summer surfing and letting through the stuff that makes summer special.

Check out what the summer of 2012 helped Kevin cook up.

I think Kevin actually summed up the season the best in an email he sent out not to long ago.

“Goodbye summer.
It was a beautiful one.”

Make sure to check out more of Kevin’s work at his website: www.kevinashort.com

AND if you got a minute…let us know what you loved about this summer in comments section.

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  • dave

    incredible. these are what it looks like at cardiff on a super bright day… i was taken there in an instant@##! Awesome stuff, Completely Inspiring, SO VIVID! what’s an original cost? Thank you Kevin, I’m missed summer and this just made me realize it. Dave.

    • kevin

      thanks dave
      very sharp eye for color, two of those were just down the beach at Carlsbad.
      my originals range from $300 all the way up to $20,000

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