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the inertia
(Monday) 5.5.14

Greg Noll at Billabong XXL: Da Bull Is As Awesome As Ever

Da Bull still charges, now in a more vocal manner. Photo: ASP (L), <a href="http://www.nollsurfboards.com/gregnoll.html">Noll Surfboards</a> (R)Da Bull still charges, now in a more vocal manner. Photo: ASP (L), Noll Surfboards (R)

The Inertia

Yep, Greg Noll’s appearance onstage at the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards last night might have very well stolen the show. Amid the video recaps of the epic rides and gnarly wipeouts, Da Bull was a refreshingly entertaining stretch of live entertainment at the Grove of Anaheim. Walking out to the biggest of hoots and hollers, he first and foremost thanked everyone for giving “too nice a welcome for an old bullshitter,” before breaking out into the best presentation/monologue of the night when announcing the Best Performance award (which went to Grant “Twiggy” Baker):

“I had to promise tonight that I wouldn’t drop my pants or use too shitty of language — so I guess that means I can’t do anything or say anything. I’m honored just to be here and to give out this award. I would like to squeeze in real quick that guys in this era are so much nicer than the guys from our era. I get a kick out of watching Greg and Twiggy bounce off each other, having a good time, and going through life having more fun than they know what to do with right now, then they’ll realize it some day when they get to be an old fart like me. Anyway, I guess we’re going to go ahead here and, uh… oh, I know what I was trying to say — they’re a lot nicer than the guys in my year.”

“If I didn’t like the son of a bitch, I’d squirt baby oil on his board on the way out on a big day.”

Keep on keepin’ on, Greg, and do you.


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