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Adam Wright
(Friday) 6.3.11

In Focus: Benjamin Ginsberg

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We met up with Ben last week in between South swells. He was processing images from the first swell and prepping gear for the next swell. Ben is an opportunistic hunter and shoots from both the beach and in water. He likes both but has a deeper passion for getting in the water and shooting right in the action. “Shooting inches away from the action allows you to get these extreme angles that are just so fascinating.”

Ben’s style is a classic one. In our world of Photoshoped photos he prefers to keep it real. He explained he wants to bring you an image of what it was really like in real life – as close to the human eye as possible. So when you see his photos from the Wedge when those 25’ bombs were coming in just know they haven’t been given a face-lift.

Lets look a little further into Ben’s past and give you a glimpse of the man behind the lens. Ben started shooting when he was 13 and got introduced into surf photography on a trip to Australia. Not having surfed as a kid, it was a big wave movie that got him so excited he had to try it out. On his way back from the land down under he was cycling through images and someone from a seat behind him asked if they could purchase a print… the rest is history. Well, not really. See at the time Ben lived in Boston and the best waves were when there was a hurricane or nor’ eastern (winter storm). So he became part surf photographer part storm chaser.

Chasing weather and waves looking for great surf gave Ben some unique opportunities for photos. He charged the sporadic and sometimes massive swells these storms generate and honed his skills. He took all that experience and moved to Southern California where his fearlessness has placed him feet and even inches away from the action. You’ve got to see his pics. Fantastic, no doubt.

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