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Adam Wright
(Friday) 6.10.11

In Focus: Lance Smith

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Check out a few of the kick-ass photos that Lance sent over to us in his Gallery.

This weeks In Focus features Lance Smith. Lance has been taking pictures his whole life but got serious in 1972 when he declared photography as his college major. Yes, he was in college and shooting action sports in 1972. Pretty awesome considering the camera was invented in like 1960-something and there was no such thing as the action sports industry. There was surf and there was skate.

Lance has a super interesting background. He was an avid surfer throughout the 60’s and 70’s and would frequently surf in the morning then go to work shooting in the afternoon. But he wasn’t shooting surf right off the bat. He really got started by shooting skateboarding. We are talking old school skate. Lots of downhill slalom, empty pools, giant cement pipes and we even saw some photos of guys doing downhill handstands on boards. These skate pics were his bread and butter and really allowed him to hone his skills. Lance explained “When someone else is paying for all your film and processing you take lots of photos.” When something’s free you should take advantage of it… sounds like good advice to me.

In ’74 he went to Maui, found Honolua Bay and you guessed it – started taking pictures. That my friends was the beginning of Lance’s career in surf photography. Ahhh, 1974 in Hawaii with an old school camera and rolls of film. It’s like a dream. Fast forward 37 years and most of us only have memories of 35mm film. Same goes for Lance. Now he’s got the latest and greatest computer chip enabled cameras but what sets him apart is HE STILL SHOOTS MANUALLY! That means he knows what all those buttons on the camera do and on top of that he knows how to use them, and on top of that he uses them very very well. Don’t take our word for it look at his shots and marvel at how great the images are without the help of Photoshop.

If you are ever down in North San Diego County and see him on the beach shooting, stop and say hello. He’s super friendly and has great stories to tell. We highly recommend you look through the images we’ve posted. We’ve got lots of wave pics but also peppered in some 1970’s skate pics. So cool!

Check out all his shots here – http://www.lancesmithphotography.com/

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