Tropical Update: Major Hurricane Odile gets ready to steamroll Cabo

Adam Wright
(Sunday) 9.14.14

Really bad news for everyone in Baja Sur…Major Hurricane Odile is very like to move right over Cabo San Lucas over the next couple of days.

On a much smaller disaster scale, Odile’s track overland, the one that will very likey try to grind-off or flood-away most of the Pacific side of Baja Sur and possibly Central Baja as well, means that she will not move into the Socal swell window and for the most part will be quite shadowed from sending us any energy (at least at this point).

Granted we are only looking at a 5-day forecast at this point (the longer-range hurricane stuff gets really squirrely anyways)…so we may see the storm move away from land and possibly reach our swell window, but what direction it ends up moving and what sort of form it will be in (hurricane, storm, or weaker) will pretty much determine if we see any surf at all.

Hopefully Odile isn’t a total nightmare for Baja…while it will be nice to see some sand get moved around, the region doesn’t need a major hurricane crushing all of their infrastructure…unfortunately the odds are not looking good right now. Keep your fingers crossed she swings wide and stays out over the more open ocean.

  • Thiago da Silva

    Please swing wide love to see another nice swell in socal and hopefully some rain

    • stop

      lucky guy ^

    • Kayla

      Hopefully we will get some sick swells like when Marie came by!!!

  • Bryan

    Looks like it going to track north east and never enter SoCals swell window. This will only be a destructive hurricane unfortunately. Poor Baja and its residents..