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(Thursday) 8.29.13

Product Review – Wooed Sunglasses

When you hear someone talk about a hand crafted and made from reclaimed wood you may immediately think Alia. But in this case we are really proud to share with you the eco friendly movement has made its way to eyewear. Wooed (pronounced wood) is a new sunglasses company out of SF that is making glasses 1 pair at a time, the old fashioned way – by hand.

From Wooed “It is fair to say that WOOED was born from our love for life, travel, outdoor pursuits and the environment. Right from the outset, our team WOOED’s goal has been to produce bespoke, fashionable accessories made lovingly from wood. Mother Nature is our designer. We simply lend her a helping hand by following her lead. The touch of nature infused into our wooden sunglasses is both exquisite and distinctive. When you wear a pair of WOOED sunglasses, you’re wearing a unique piece of natural history.

Indeed, caring for our mother nature is high on our list. This is why we only use reclaimed wood or wood from sustainably harvested sources. Eco friendly and unique, WOOED products are designed to be worn by beautiful people who care about their environment as much as we do. In addition, we are committed to the cause of nature preservation. Hence, what we borrow from nature we also give back through our contribution to reforestation project ‘Plant It 2020’.”

But glasses aren’t just about the frames. You need quality lenses or else you’ll never wear them. Wooed has that covered. They only offer 100% UVA/B polarized lenses into their frames. The lens quality is great. The glasses also have spring hinges on the earpiece to main frame which gives incremental flex. Those of you with giant craniums will love it too.

What else… oh, they float on water! Yeah, how about that. While we don’t recommend surfing in them, there are a ton of times I’ve been at the pool and had to take of my shades because they are metal and chlorine water + metal = busted glasses.

There are a bunch of different styles and looks like the team is starting to paint some of those wood frames and now offering colors too. You can buy them right off the company website. http://www.wooedbywood.com



  • Rida Morris

    Awesome ……
    Fantastic sunglasses!
    Thanks for sharing this!!!!
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