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(Monday) 6.16.14

PIETY Surfboards: Mobile Shaping

Editors Note:   I met Beau at an undisclosed point break in Mexico that happen to coincide with one of the better swells of the year (Pure chance?  No way!).    Beau was ripping on a little twin fin and was a stand out in the lineup.   

Where is your shop? Where do you sell your boards?
All of our surfboards are custom built to order through our website www.pietysurfboards.com. My shaping studio is a converted cargo container that is currently located in Newport Beach, CA.

The container turned shaping bay is an interesting idea. How did it come about?
I recently spent 2 years living, working & surfing in Bells Beach, Australia. During this time I shaped in a number of shaping bays ranging from converted chicken coop to a cold old industrial warehouse, to a workshop on the hills overlooking Bells. In returning to CA, I was eager to create a space of my own. A space that both captured and inspired the values and attention that goes into each board. PIETY’s home is in California but being travel ready is in its DNA. Housing our studio in a sea-worthy cargo container was only suiting.

Where did you get your start in shaping, surfing?
I grew up in San Clemente, and shaped my first board when I was 16 years old. There were plenty of fun waves, local shapers and good surfers to be inspired by. My dad was the biggest influence in me starting to shape boards. He is a carpenter so I had access to all the necessary tools, and he was laid back enough to let me make a mess of his garage.

Who has influenced your board designs? Surfers, Art Traveling?
The Southern California beach-breaks, points and the high-performance surfing they inspire have the greatest influence on my designs. I am partial to progressive high-performance surfing but when the conditions are appropriate, I enjoy a more timeless approach. I think this dualism comes across in my designs. In any case, I am a fan of simple design, be it function or aesthetic.
I like to think of PIETY as existing at the intersection of performance and custom craft. On both fronts doing things authentically and with conviction is something I aspire to.
On the performance side I’m inspired by the likes of Biolas and CI who along with their riders continue to push the bounds of performance equipment and technologies. On the custom craft side, inspiration is everywhere.

Where did the name PIETY come from? What does it mean?
It was important to me that the name I branded my boards with had meaning. PIETY (pronounced pie-i-tee) is a virtue that means fervent devotion. A kind of respect that is reserved for the people, places and things that we identify the closest with. As surfers, a sense of PIETY is felt towards surfing and the ocean.

What is the significance of the Owl?
The Owl embodies character qualities of PIETY and in many ways is symbolic of surfing. Riding a wave is similar to flight and like the owl, PIETY is for the solitary, explorative and intuitive (wave) hunters among us.

You have some unique abstract/shape art on your boards?
I try to keep my shapes simple with clean lines. Less for the eye, and more importantly, wave to trip up on. Different waves require different equipment. I’ve designed each model with distinct functionality.

I like the idea of owning and having a relationship with quality, purpose built goods. Customizing a board for a specific style wave and adding color or artwork are things that give a board a unique personality and context for relating.

What plans do you have for the brand going forward?
Designing and shaping surfboards for performance oriented surfers is the driving force behind PIETY. I enjoy building surfboards almost as much as I enjoy surfing. The plan is to continue building custom performance surfboards and grow the brand into other categories that support a progressive, performance oriented surf lifestyle.

How can someone get in contact to order a custom PIETY Surfboard?
See our full board range at www.pietysurfboards.com, we’re also on Instagram @pietysurfboards or email contact@pietysurfboards.com to setup a time to visit our studio and order your custom board in person.

  • Mike Murphy

    Beau shreds and makes insane boards. I have ridden his boards for many years now and am a loyal fan. A few things that set him apart from other shapers is his professionalism, attention to detail and business acumen. He has really invested a ton time in getting to know me as a surfer and hear what’s important for me in my equipment. His ability to translate all that into a custom shape built for me is truly a gift! Congrats Bizzle, Stoked to be along for the ride as his PIETY grows!

  • True local boards only

    Support your local home grown board builders not an Aussie breast implant in the local industry.

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