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Jens Rasmussen
(Friday) 11.21.14

Surf Story 2 -Robb Havassy

I first met Robb Havassy 25+ years ago. This was BC (Before Cellphones) and I was making my way back to school in San Diego from Northern California. Before leaving my parents’ house I had made arrangements to meet my friend Rodney and his friend Robb whom I had never met at Jalama Beach for a bit of camping and surf.

On arrival to Jalama Rodney was nowhere to be found. Today we would just send a text or a phone call to get the lowdown.  The surf was looking fun and I had a nice solo evening session. Getting out of the water I was expecting to see my friends but still no arrival.  Right at dusk another camper rolls in and drives up to my campsite….not Rodney but Robb… apparently some car trouble with the old Honda Hatchback…and Rodney couldn’t make it up to connect with Robb for the trip. Robb went ahead and made the trip up to meet me. We scored some great waves that weekend and a friendship began.

Fast forward 25 years and I am in Costa Rica for a little family vacation. As airlines are charging outrageous amounts for surfboards, I did not bring boards with me down, although the surf forecast was showing a bit of promise and the offshores were about to kick in.  Robb and his family met me and my family at a nice beach club for a little catchup time (yes there was a nice wave out front and Robb brought an extra board for me).  Robb and his family have been living in Costa Rica fulltime for a bit, so I knew he would have the inside track to some surf.

Robb is still that same person that I met 25 years ago…stoked on surfing, learning, life and just being a great person. When we first met, Robb was a model working in high fashion, since that time he has transformed into an amazing artist, book writer and board shaper.  His artwork is full of vibrant colors and scenes of the lifestyle both he and all of us enjoy.

Rhythm by Robb Havassy

Rhythm by Robb Havassy Check out more artwork

Robb is in the progress of finishing up his second book: Surf Story Vol. 2.  If you have not heard about the first book Surf Story Vol. 1…it is an incredible coffee style collector book filled with over 100 stories about the most inspirational and creative surfers in the world.   The first release was 1000 signed and numbered limited release.   The second volume is just a continuation of the first volume…more great stories of the greats of our sport.  Truly a surfers collection piece.

Robb has a kickstarter program which is helping fund the printing of the book and is offering some really special deals for his contributors. Check out the video below for more details:

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