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(Wednesday) 12.16.15

6 Shapers to Honor Gerry Lopez in Shaping Competition

Gerry Lopez. A classic from the very beginning.  Photo: Tim McCulloughGerry Lopez. A classic from the very beginning. Photo: Tim McCullough

When it comes to surfboards–and surfing in general, really–Gerry Lopez is the man. Although he’d never own up to it, he personally made surfing Pipeline what it is today. He has a long and storied relationship with the place, along with many others. Of course, Lopez was (and is) very interested in board shapes, which is why The Boardroom International Surfboard Show is honoring him in the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape Off.

“It seems my life has always been closely connected with surfboards as well as surfboard design,” Lopez said. “I am thrilled to be an Icons of Foam honoree. The list of past honorees is legendary. To be included with the likes of Diff and RB is really cool, as well as very humbling, since both were mentors to me when I started building my own boards.”

Gerry Lopez changed how Pipeline was ridden. He focused on getting deeper in the barrel than anyone before him, and did it while choosing the simplest line and assuming his trademark laid back posture. Tom Curren described it well: “One movement, one breath… very Zen. Like an archer pulling back and letting the arrow fly.”

The Shape Off, presented by US Blanks, is an interesting event. Six legendary shapers, including Roger Hinds, Tom Eberly, Ward Coffey, Ron House, Ryan Burch, and Ryan Lovelace will have to replicate a classic Lopez design in just an hour and a half. No easy task, even for accomplished shapers like the ones involved.

“US Blanks is once again proud to be a part of the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off,” said Jeff Holtby of US Blanks. “To honor shaping legend, surfing legend, and lifestyle legend Gerry Lopez is a no-brainer. Gerry’s contributions to design and innovation have certainly left a profound and lasting mark on the industry and on surfers worldwide.”

The Boardroom, happening on May 14-15th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, “brings together the surf manufacturing industry and focuses on surfboards, fins, wetsuits, technology and surf culture.”


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