General Inquiries

Email us: feedback (at) solspot.com

Snail Mail:
Solspot.com / Big Orange Dot LLC
P.O. Box 5820
Huntington Beach, CA 92615-5820


Solspot has working relationships with many different organizations. We typically provide a full array of weather related support for our partners.  We are always open to hear thoughts on business proposals, new ideas or just to say..hey you guys are doing a great job..

Please send inquiries to: aron (at) solspot.com

Employment or Internships

Want to be over-worked, under-paid and LOVE every minute of it? That’s the surf industry and we fully support that model. Hey – at least we are honest and don’t run you through the entire hiring process then lowball you at the finish line.

Solspot is a great place to work. We believe family first, surf second, work third. That doesn’t mean we hire slackers. We cherish this little gem called Solspot and continue to look for only the best talent.

Current List of openings:

  • No Current Openings

*However we are always accepting applications for interns. Simply send your resume with cover letter to: jp (at) solspot.com

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