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5 Best Mouse Pads for Gaming 2020

Best Mouse Pads for Gaming 2020

Corsair High-Performance Mouse Pad


Corsair MM300 – Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad – High-Performance Mouse Pad Optimized for Gaming…

  • Superior control: Textile weave surface designed for pixel precise targeting and low friction tracking
  • No Fray, No Fuss: Surrounded stitched edges guard against surface peeling for maximum durability
  • Accurate + Precise: Optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice
  • Zero slip: Anti skid rubber base helps it stay securely in place

This remarkable mouse pad is manufactured to give you a unique horizontal surface space. Its low friction textile designed surface offers optimum precision and accuracy with your DPI mice, allowing you all the functionality that you need. The bottom of the placemat is made of non-slip rubber to stabilize the mouse while you are using it for work or gaming.

To enhance the durability of the mouse pad, it is constructed with an anti-fray cloth with stitched edges to prevent it from peeling or tearing.
There are plenty of available size options you can choose from, depending on your work setup. In addition to that, it is also perfectly compatible with both laser and optical gaming mouse.


The beautifully smooth surface, which never allows the monitor to move.
It is perfect for tri-monitor use and gaming.
Reasonable price that is suitable for beginner


There is an unpleasant chemical smell from the production.
Few users have faced an issue with the software update on their computers once this mouse is connected.

Razer Ultra Thin Sphex V2 Gaming Surface

Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad: Ultra-Thin Form Factor – Optimized Gaming Surface – Polycarbonate…

  • The Razer Sphex V2′s ultra thin form factor combined with the improved adhesive base, makes it perfect for those who prefer an unobtrusive gaming experience
  • Developed to enhance your mouse performance, the Razer Sphex V2 is designed to bring out the best in both optical and laser sensors, and is optimized for both speed and control gameplay
  • The extra durable polycarbonate surface of the Razer Sphex V2 is lab tested to have ultra high impact, rip, and tear strength through intense gaming sessions and tournaments
  • Innovative adhesive enables you to attach and remove it easily; making it the perfect companion anywhere you go
  • Looking for a more portable option? Try out the Razer Sphex Mini for a mouse mat that delivers professional grade performance while helping you maximize your desk space

Constructed with a hard top polycarbonate surface, this ultra-thin gaming mat is one of the highest-rated mousepads, and it deserves all the hype. It has a non-slip, adhesive base that perfectly sticks to your play space, reused on a different location as per your liking.
The mouse pad has a smooth finish surface, which promotes fast mouse gliding movements with high accuracy. Despite its thin surface, this mouse pad is surprisingly durable and is optimized for laser or optical gaming mouse control. To conclude, if you want a relaxing gaming session, this gaming pad is ideal for you.


Unique ultra-thin design.
Compatible with both optical and laser mice.
Superb traction and smooth movement.


The adhesive on the mouse pad can cause damage on some surface upon removal.
It only comes in a mini and standard size.

VicTsing Large Extended Mousepad

VicTsing [30% Larger Extended Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges, Long XXL Mousepad (31.5×15.7In),…

  • Large and Perfect Size: The size of this extended mouse & keyboard pad is 800×400×2.5 mm (31.5×15.75×0.12 inch) which will fit your desktop perfectly and provide perfect movement space. Applies to all types of keyboards and mice.
  • Ultra-smooth Surface: The XXL mouse pad designed with superfine fiber braided material, the smooth surface allows more accurate mouse movement. Optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent speed and control during your work or game.
  • Non-slip Rubber Base: Dense slip-resistant shading can firmly grip the desktop to provide stable operation of the mouse and keyboard. It can effectively prevent the mouse and keyboard from sliding and moving.
  • Water Resistant Coating: Effectively prevent accidental damage from spilled liquid. When liquid splashes on the desk pad, It will form into water drops and slide down. It’s easy to clean and will not delay Your work or game.
  • Durable and Comfortable Material: Adopting High elasticity natural rubber material, this mouse & keyboard mat will provide you with the maximum comfort using experience. The durable stitched edges protect the pad from wear, deformation and degumming.

This gaming mat features all the essential specifications that you require for your workspace. Built with a flexible rubber material, it showcases the utmost comfort for its users. Its super-smooth surface is specially designed for high-performance gaming.
Owing to its rubber bottom, this mouse pad won’t slip and slide all over the desk allowing you to focus on your work without causing any unnecessary distraction.
You can see by its well-stitched edges, that this mouse pad is built to last without deforming or tearing for an extended period. Furthermore, the mat has a water-resistant coating on top that acts as a barrier in case you spill water or any liquid on it. You are going to have an absolute blast using this mouse pad.


The pad is built with high-quality material
Large in size and easy to clean
Non-slip rubber base keeps the keyboard and mouse in place


The edges tend to roll up after washing the mat
It is a bit expensive as compared to other similar products

Hyper X Mouse Pad for Gaming

HyperX Fury S – Pro Gaming Mouse Pad, Cloth Surface Optimized for Precision, Stitched Anti-Fray…

  • Seamless, Anti fray stitched edges
  • Densely woven surface for accurate optical tracking
  • Natural rubber textured underside stays stable
  • Four sizes suitable for most play spaces and styles
  • Portable and durable

Made for professionals, this mouse pad is designed with anti-fray edges to withstand heavy usage and regular wear and tear. The material used for the borders is exceptionally flexible and soft, which contributes to the user’s comfort for long periods of use.
There is a considerable amount of surface space, allowing fast movements and precise control without slipping off the mouse pad. Altogether it’s not going to quit on you no matter how swift you are going.
Hyper X comes in multiple versions, designated for precision, speed, and accuracy. Not only is it a high functioning product, but also its simplistic design is very aesthetically appealing.


Great valued product.
Stable and soft gaming surface.
Made for long term use


Slippery side grips
Some users have found an apparent rubbery smell on the mat

Blade Hawks Large Extended Soft Keyboard Mat Mouse

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, LED Soft Extra Extended Large Mouse Pad, Anti-Slip Rubber Base,…

  • LARGE AND PERFECT SIZE. The size of 31.5 x 12 x 0.2 inch will fit your desktop perfect and provide perfect movement space. This large gaming mousepad is suitable for all types of keyboards and mouse, offering plenty of room for your operation. Best idea for game or work
  • RGB BACKLIT MOUSE PAD. This gaming mouse pad features 10 lighting modes: includes 7 kinds of static lighting modes and 3 dynamic lighting modes, making your game atmosphere warmer and more atmosphere. And it has power off memory function remembers your last mode selection
  • EASY TO USE, PLUG AND PLAY. This extended mouse pad is powered by USB, plug and play, no driver required. One button control light modes. Press one time to change the lighting mode, press twice to change the brightness, press and hold about 3 seconds turn ON/OFF
  • ULTRA SMOOTH AND WATERPROOF SURFACE. It features a high quality micro-textured enhances gaming experience , allowing you to enjoy the ultimate precision in the most passionate game. Waterproof surface water resistant coating, effectively prevent accidental damage from spilled liquid
  • Non-slip Rubber Base. Dense shading and non-slip rubber base can firmly grip the desktop. If you have any problem, please contact with us.

The manufacturers have designed this apt mouse for all sized desktops. You can use this mouse pad for all types of online gaming with any swift mouse. Even this can be utilized for any office work as well. There are ten different lighting features installed in this pad. These lights provide a collection of dynamic light during gaming.

You can use this product with a simple USB port. Therefore, you won’t require any extra drivers for connectivity. The surface of the mat is durable and has high-quality material. It is water-resistant as well. There is a smooth rubber base set up, which helps the computer stay static in one position.


The softer texture helps the gamer to play the games with extreme comfort
There is a wide range of colors available in this mouse
Brilliant mouse responsiveness is experienced.


Durability is an issue with this gaming mouse
Few users have faced problems while synchronizing the lights of this product with desktop.
The mouse mat does not lie flat for a long span, which is also one of the disadvantages.

Factors Before Buying Gaming Mouse Pads In 2020

There are various characteristics, which gamers may consider before investing in the best gaming mouse. We have simplified all the facts here that will help you to make a smart decision while choosing the gaming mouse.

Classification Of Mice

Mice from various brands constitute the best mice list for gaming 2020. While your choice or preference may differ on may circumstances while choosing the gaming mouse. You can surely check a wide range to invest in; however, it is a bit confusing also. Mostly the gamers should be aware of their choices in the games before they choose a gaming mouse pads. Games can be of 4 types:

RTS or Real Timing Strategy
MMO or Massive Multiplayer Online
FPS or First Person Shooter
RPG or Role Play Gaming

Mainly it is seen that gamers play genre 1 or 2 than 3. Again, few gamers involve themselves in all types of online games. Therefore, gamers should concentrate on mouse brands, which can satisfy the speed of virtual games.

Mouse Pad Grips

Pc gamers mainly use palm or claw and finger grips for the swift gaming performance. The grips will fit either entirely your hand or only your fingers. Check your suitability and preference when it comes to gripping. Remember, your palm should include the whole area of the mouse. In case you are going for clawed gripping, then check if movements are possible.

While playing sweating is often a problem that gamers experience. Therefore, handgrips are better than finger gripping. Usually, due to sweating fingers, gripping may cause glitches in the game.


Do not go for the mouse pads, labeled under optimized speeds or performance. When you are choosing the mousepads, it should provide you the best speed and controlling effects. The surface is a very significant factor while investing on a mouse pad. The mice placed on a low DPI should have a large surface area. So, this helps the user to glide their wrist while playing.


The interior of the mouse pad constructed of three main layers. These are usually thick in design and control the grip of gaming control.

Slimming base- This is usually made of plastic and is useful to provide a solid feel to the user and is comfortable if you are a beginner in gaming.

Substantial Base- The surface area of this type is softer and provides better comfort. This area creates a flat surface feel to the gamer, and it has an extra thickness layer in it.

Standard or Regular Base- It is the most common type of mouse pad which you will get. They have a medium grip and thickness. Players can use this for a long time duration.

Always invest in the thick frame edging of the mousepads. This edge helps to connect the surface and base effectively. Edge of the mouse pad helps to enhance the lifetime of it. You can also wash it and maintain this for the future. Try looking for the products, which are washable in machines.

Extendable Mousepads
To support the gamers keyboard effectively, you need the extended mouse pads. Mostly these days, people invest in the mechanical keyboard for better gearing. Once you place this extended pad on such keyboards, the entire gaming experience will change interestingly.
While choosing the extended pads to check if the vibration is absorbed or not, adding extra firm grip to the user’s hand is another benefit of such pads.

There is a wide range of colors, designs of the gaming mouse pads available in the market. The prices may vary. We always suggest our reader’s research thoroughly online about these items. You will get a decent idea about the specifications and can compare the costing. There are authentic websites that provide great offers and discounts that you can avail of.

Why Are Gaming Mousepads So Important?
You may don’t want to replace your standard mouse pad with that of gaming. If that so, you are unaware of how gaming mousepads are so essential, especially for a gamer. Once you try out the advantages, there will be no looking back. So, let’s study some recognized benefits of gaming mousepads.

Accurate surface
You must know how accurate the surface of the gaming mouse pad is. As compared to the standard mouse pad, they consist of tiny differences. It further makes it simple for a user to scroll the mouse and get precise strokes in gaming. On the other hand, you should not miss the gaming mouse pad, precisely when a high dpi gaming mouse is used. Therefore, you must check your mouse and let it be more consistent, accurate, and specific.

More Ergonomic
You may have noticed the size and structure of gaming mousepads. They are usually substantial than an average mouse pad. In another scenario, when you are not a gamer, you have to pick up your mouse and find a center relatively. But, that doesn’t apply to gamers.
If you want to improve your gaming performance, let your mouse move freely over the mouse pad. So, you can’t mainly do in normal mousepads. This is why large mouse pads can provide immense benefits in gaming.

Another advantageous factor in gaming pads is the long-life. They will hold much better than any other mouse pad available. As they are mainly manufactured for gamers, so the quality and performance are kept in mind. Even if the gamers are aggressive, it won’t place many concerns on gaming mouse pads. They are made to be sturdy and durable.

Better Gaming Experience
The aesthetics in the gaming mouse pad proves to be very useful for frequent gaming. Its tracking and other specs are relatively providing a considerable boom to gamers and their gaming experience. You can make those big and sweeping motions very quickly. Considering the speed element, these specific pads are structured to ensure quick movements without dropping or skipping refresh cycles on the mouse’s sensor.

Less slipping
High-intensity games especially require efficient gaming mouse pads. There may be high chances that you will experience heavy slipping with average mouse pads. But, once you set down your hand as a gamer, the intensity of mouse slipping from pad also increases. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to go for specific gaming mouse pads with required aesthetics.

Few Terms Related To Gaming Mouse

DPI or Dots Per Inch
DPI is an essential key factor for selecting the gaming mouse. The more count of DPI is the mouse movement on the screen cursor will be less. Therefore, for traveling or shooting games, this is very useful. Always invest in high DPI gaming mouse, as the responses are also adjustable in these.

Sensor Technique
Often you will find confusing when it comes to choosing between optical or reactive mouse sensors. As compared to the laser mouse, optical ones do not cause any lagging of the game. Few manufacturers sell laser mouse with less lagging as their lead ship product. Before buying such products, we suggest our readers check the sensor once according to their needs.

Wired Or Wireless
For all the gamers, both wired and wireless mouse are chosen according to their comfort zone. The technological responsiveness of both of these is excellent. However, the wireless mouse is a bit on the expensive side than wired ones. For better speed and performance, the wireless mouse is suitable.

Mostly the manufacturers provide battery, which can last till 5-6 hours easily. Try investing in the gaming mouse that comes with portable chargers. In such scenarios, a wireless gaming mouse is a better option.

Programming Switches
Programming buttons are essential to make the keyboard or gaming mouse more interesting. Hence, to convert the hotkeys or short keys into actionable buttons, this feature is necessary. It makes gaming experience faster.
Often it is seen in the shooting games; swift programming keys do sniper controlling. Check for the mouse, which has these convertible buttons. Even the profile settings are also changed from these switches, and the user can change the genre of the game too.

Not all the gamers while playing are bothered about the weight or heaviness of the gaming mouse. However, to get comfort and better tuning in the game, a lightweight mouse is always preferable. So, this also helps in understanding the gaming prediction better. In recent days, gamers are also going for a mouse that has manual adjusting features.

After you have selected the apt gaming mouse, check the connectivity of it, which can be smoothly connected to three or four portable devices in the same house in real-time. Even the performance of such products is also brilliant. Always check the software sync with the headset or keyboard.


How is the USB mouse different than the Bluetooth ones?
For smart movement on the multiple surfaces, the wireless mouse proves to be the best. The flexibility ad function of the Bluetooth mouse is brilliant. However, the main difference between USB and Bluetooth mouse is operational mode. Bluetooth mouse can work if your computer has inbuilt Bluetooth. For the USB mouse, the computer should have a USB port to transmit the commands.

Why are gaming mouse pads expensive?
Gaming mousepads are expensive only because of high facilities. And it’s worth it! You can’t get a cheap product with competitive quality. Some price has to be paid. Well, we think that the price effect of the mouse pad is going to be neutral in the long term when you have the durable product in hand. Also, they are manufactured for niche segments keeping in mind the needs of typical consumers. So, that’s not a big deal if they are a little expensive than average mouse pads.

Do we need a hard or soft gaming mouse pad?
Both kinds of mousepads are said to be great for gaming. Well, you have to give preference based upon specific points. Soft pads are made with foam or rubber and are generally covered with some kind of fabric. They have good backing. On the other hand, hard mousepads contain some plastic yet smooth components with rubber backing.
An average user may find it suitable to operate laser or optical mice with natural movements over soft mousepads. However, most of the people also love to go for hard mouse pads as they much help with precision movements in gaming.

Is a smaller mouse better for gaming?
To upgrade the older version of peripherals and to create a trending rig, gamers may need a small mouse. Again, for providing great movement and grip, these mice are better.

Do Mousepads matter for gaming?
Yes, for RTS and FPS, gaming online, you will require mouse pads. No matter what the constructed material of the mouse pad is, but they should provide a better grip.

How long a mouse pad last?
It depends on the user’s maintenance and usage of their mousepads. Usually, it lasts until 10-12 years easily.

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