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Best Slide-In Electric Ranges 2019

Best Slide-In Electric Ranges 2019

GE JB860SJSS Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range


GE JB860SJSS Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

  • Removable full-width storage drawer allows you to store cookware or kitchen accessories
  • Fifth element warming zone provides low-heat capability for foods
  • Two oven racks can be configured in six positions to accommodate a variety of baking needs


The GE JB860SJSS Electric Range comes with great features suitable for different purposes. It is a solidly built electric range made of stainless steel color and material. This gives it a sleek and clean appearance, an excellent feature.

It has a knobless and electric cooktop controls, and this makes it even more stylish. Also, it has a warming zone and a 3600-watt element. Besides, it has a self-clean feature.

Besides, it has a spacious lower oven that can be used to cook turkey and chicken conveniently.

Furthermore, it comes with five different burners, and the extra one is to food warm.


Sleek appearance and easy to clean
Spacious oven
Self-cleaning features

Button light of stove not very visible at day time

Bosch HEI8054U 800 30

Bosch HEI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range – Convection

  • Heating Elements
  • Dual Element
  • 4.6 cu. ft. European Convection Oven
  • Self-Clean
  • 11 Cooking Modes

The Bosch HEI8054 is the perfect Electric Range for small kitchens. It is a standard slide-in range that is 30-inch wide. It comes with four surface cooking elements, with all its controls in front. You can monitor your cooking progress with the extra-large window. It also has a kitchen timer that you can use to set when your food is ready. The four burners are evenly spaced so that you can use them all at once. Also, it has a self-cleaning feature.

Furthermore, this is a fast preheat electric range, and the temperature conversion feature helps the food to cook at the right temperature while it preserves the great taste. It features 11 cooking modes to boost your cooking performance.

Oven capacity is large
Large oven view window
11 different cook mode
Self-cleaning feature
Simmering not great

Electrolux EI30EF45QSIQ-Touch 30


Electrolux EI30EF45QSIQ-Touch 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range – Convection

  • 5 Radiant Elements
  • 4.6 cu. ft. Dual Convection Oven
  • IQ-Touch Digital Controls
  • Warming Drawer
  • Multiple Self-Cleaning Options


The control panel and burner knobs are placed in the front. It features a flat cooktop with four burners, and the oven has no back panel. Moreover, it has a warming zone that you can use to keep your food hot.

Also, this electric range features seven cooking modes, which include broil, bake, slow cook, keep warm, convection broil, convection bake, and convection roast.

Useful features
Warm settings features
Seven cooking modes
Self-cleaning features


LG LRE3085ST 30

LG LRE3085ST 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Range – Convection

  • 6.3 Cu. Ft. CapacityTrue Convection IR Grilling Oven
  • Self Clean And Hidden Bake Elements Making Cleaning Easy
  • 5 Elements, 6″ – 9″, 1200 – 3200 Watt W/ Center Warming Zone
  • Most Powerful Double Element In The Market At 6400 Watts


This is one of the largest electric ranges in the market and can handle cooking for a large number of people. It has five cooktop elements and a warming zone.

It features an easy clean technology that provides you quick cleaning asides the self-cleaning function.

Easy to clean
Large capacity
Storage drawer
Wide view window

oven door not so good

Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Range

Samsung NE59J7850WS 30 Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Range

  • Soft Close Dual Door
  • Flexible Cooktop With Warming Zone
  • The Only Double Oven With A Warming Drawer
  • Dimensions (WHD): 29 7/8″ X 47 3/32″ X 25 31/32″


This is an excellent electric range with a stylish design. The central knob has four burners. The burner has a 3000 watts that are enough to take 6,9, and 12-inch pans and pots. This gives you the freedom to cook various dishes at the same time.

This electric range has a large oven capacity, and the interior is capable of accommodating big roasts.


Fast heating
Large capacity
Best budget price


self-cleaning function not so great

What is an Electric Range

An electrical range is a type of cooking device that has integrated electrical set-up that it uses for cooking and baking. In traditional electric ranges, a large coil of wire is present, which functions as the heating element. It is in this heating element that you place pans and pots. The electricity then flows through the wire to the heating element when you turn on the cooker.

The heating element wire is usually made of a mixture of Nickel and chrome. This is not a good electricity conductor. As electricity passes through the wire, it wastes a lot of electricity because the heating element turns into heat.

Electric ranges have gained popularity. They are used more often because they give you stress-free cooking, and are easy to clean. Besides, they look very stylish and enhances the look of your kitchen.

The three Designs of Electric Ranges

Electric ranges come in three different designs that you can choose from:

Generally, freestanding ranges are the most affordable, while the slide in and drop in have a more built-in look and a little bit pricier.


Freestanding ranges come with finished sides, and they can either stand alone in any part of the kitchen or fit into cabinet space. Hence, they are called freestanding.

There is a backguard in most freestanding ranges that the controls fit in. This provides an affordable design; however, it can be a little difficult if you’re used to using a slide-in range with all controls at the front of the cooktop.

Some freestanding ranges come with front control and a similar feel and look to a slide-in range.


Slide-in ranges are sold with no finished sides and must fit into a designated space. The slide-in range comes with a tighter fit. It comes with a trim filler that is placed between your counter and the range. This gives it an overall built-in appearance.

Slide ins look nice and custom, and they are easier to clean: a significant advantage over freestanding and drop-in ranges. The front controls also mean a safer cooking experience, because you don’t have to carry your hand over the stove to reach the controls. They are more pricey, but a good option for new homes, a center island, or kitchen remodeling.


Drop-in ranges are not as common as the slide in and freestanding ranges. They can fit into an existing cabinet space. They don’t come with storage drawers under the oven, and they have no extra warming.

How to choose the best Electric Ranges

Electric Ranges makes cooking and baking very easy, and as such, it is recommended for every homeowner to have one. If you are buying your first electric range, you must first sit down to evaluate the options you have. Consider factors that affect your choices.

The first thing you want to consider is if you have a brand in mind. We recommend that you don’t have a brand in mind, because in the current market, there are lots of quality Electric Ranges. If you have no brand preference, just make sure you know how much capacity you need.

Here are the things you should look out for:

Oven Capacity: the oven’s capacity is majorly about the useful size of the stove. It is measured in liters. The size/capacity will give you an idea of how much good you can cook at a time. If you have a large family size, then you should really consider getting a large oven size, so that you can do your cooking all at once.

Width of the Oven: the size of your kitchen is a big factor to consider before choosing an oven. If the size of your kitchen is small, then you should go for a small-sized oven that won’t take up much space. The majority of electric ranges in the market are the medium size around 30-inch width. The inner dimension is 16 inches high and 25 inches wide. It can accommodate a minimum bid of two oven racks. Some models are 34 inches wide. Choose the oven size according to the size of your kitchen. You’ll find it very difficult to fit a big oven in a small kitchen.

Color and appearance: picture the color and appearance that appeals to you. Besides, everyone wants a good looking kitchen appliance. Although you have the freedom to choose whatever color that you want, make sure it is a color that blends well with your kitchen’s appliance. Electric ranges are very stylish; they should not look odd; instead, they should add to the overall beauty of your kitchen.

Settings and Control: there are different electric ranges in the market with different techs. Your requirements should guide you in choosing between an electric range with the essential functions, nor one with advanced ones. Some electric ranges come with preset features, but most are not preset. You will have to configure the settings yourself in your kitchen. It’s not always straightforward, and you’ll need to consult the user’s manual.

Budget: Your budget for the best buy of electric ranges is significant. Your budget is your capability to pay, but there are times when you get convinced to increase your budget. If you understand the reasons for the high price, then you may be willing to make some slight adjustments to how much you’re ready to pay. If what you want is a stylish electric range with some advanced functions, then you should be willing to pay $2000 and more. If what you need is an electric range with all the essential features, then you won’t be spending more than $1500. Generally, Electric Ranges with bigger capacity will cost more than those with lesser capacity.

Furthermore, these are the necessary things you should consider and understand first. Also, you’ll find many options with the details provided, and you should know which of them matters to you the most.

Features to look for in a Cooktop

The best electric range, cooktop, has certain features. You should look out for these features because they’ll be your guide in purchasing the right electric range.

An excellent cooktop must have the following features;

Easy cleanup: every cooktop has a different cleaning procedure. You have to check the cleaning procedure and make sure it is easy for you. You’ll find this information in the user manual.

Burners: Check the burner type and the number of burners that you will need. Most burners are suitable for low heat task. Hence, you should check if the burners you’re going for can perform high heat task. If your need is high heat, you’ll not enjoy your electric range if you buy one with low heat task.

The layout of the burner: The burner layout of your electric range should have enough space between them. This will help you cook with different sizes of pot at the same time. The standard is to have two big burners and two small ones. Besides, this is part of the reasons people buy cooktops.

Controlling device: your electric range has to come with a secure controlling system. Ideally, the touchpad controls are more accessible than knob control. They also look cleaner than knobs. If you prefer knobs, then go for the removable ones because they are easier to clean than the irremovable ones.

Different types of Electric Range Cooktops

Electric Cooktops are of different types, and each suitable for your kitchen. Currently, there are three styles.
Smooth ceramic

Coil System: a coil is wires referred to as heating elements. The heating element is placed under the burner. After you place a pan on the ranges and turn it on, electricity passes through the coil and converts it to heat. The continuous supply of heat cooks the food.

Induction: Induction uses the mechanism of an electromagnetic field to cook food. The electromagnetic field created, which heats the pan, and the pan gets heated up and cooks your food. It doesn’t make use of any coil, and it is easy to clean. This is a much newer technology.

Smooth ceramic system: The smooth ceramic Electric Range are glass tops. In this type, there’s an electric element that comes beneath the ceramic cooking surface. They need more time to heat up than the other two Cooktops. However, they are easy to clean but can sometimes burn to the top and become difficult to clean.

How to maintain your Electric Range

Proper maintenance is necessary for any gadget or appliance to serve you for long. Maintaining an electric range is easy. You have to do it the appropriate way in order not to damage it. Here are the important things to note.

Follow the user manual: Maintenance procedure for all ranges is not the same. The user manual contains the maintenance instructions of your range, so you must read it carefully and follow the instructions inside.

Regular Cleaning: after you finish your cooking, make sure you clean your range to keep it clean, and the mess won’t get it damaged. Follow this routine, since you’ll be cooking every day to keep your performance at the optimal level. Do not clean your range while it is still hot; otherwise, you stand the risk of burning your hands.

Use self-cleaning feature safely: if your range comes with a self-cleaning feature, then cleaning will be very easy. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you won’t face any problem. Open the window after using self-cleaning becomes it gets scorching. Also, let the oven cool down for up to 6nhiurs before you wipe it down.

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