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(Thursday) 2.2.12

INTERVIEW: Adrian Buchan on the ASP World Tour, Sponsorship and the Road Ahead

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Adrian 'Ace' Buchan making the drop at sizeable Teahupoo.

Adrian 'Ace' Buchan making the drop at sizeable Teahupoo.

CENTRAL COAST, New South Wales/Australia (Friday, February 3, 2012) – Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan (AUS), 29, has been an elite ASP World Title competitor for six years now. He’s been a two-time Top 10 finisher, navigated injuries and scalped event titles. In addition to his impressive work in the water, Ace is also a regular contributor to the ASP Technical Committee as well as to several charity organizations in and around Australia. SurfingSays.com recently caught up with Adrian to see where his head is at heading into 2012. This…is their story…

So Adrian how was life on tour in 2011? From the outside looking in it seemed like a huge year for the men’s ASP Tour.
It’s unreal being on tour at the moment. I actually had an amazing time last year, it was really exciting. We got some sick waves in Tahiti, Portugal and Pipe and went to some new locations like New York and San Francisco which put a whole new spin on the tour. Plus with a bit of controversy and the cut-off it all made for an exciting year to be involved in professional surfing, not to mention the level of surfing was amazing.

Out of the water things look like they’re going really well for you too?
Yeah, things have been really good outside of competing. I got engaged to my girlfriend Bec last year and we’re getting married in Bali this June. So that’s pretty exciting and something to look forward to. Also I just re-signed with my sponsor ‘Hurley’ which is great because I’ve really enjoyed working with them and I’m looking forward to doing some good things with them in the future.

That’s great. It’s the old saying for sports people that ‘things won’t work well on the field if they aren’t working off it’.

Exactly! I feel like everything is going…

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