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Top 5 Best Carbon Steel Woks 2019 (Reviews)

Best Carbon Steel Woks 2019

Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok

Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Wooden and Steel Helper Handle (14 Inch, Round Bottom) / 731W88

  • 15 gauge (1.8mm) carbon steel, commercial grade. Original design by Craft Wok since 2014, proven quality over the years.
  • Traditional chinese wok pan with round bottom: not suitable for flat electric or flat induction stove. Do not forget to season it before use! Instructions for easy seasoning are included with the wok. Our customer service is ready to guide through the process whenever you need it.
  • Hand hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou. This wok is the proven choice of many professional Chinese chefs.
  • Steel helper handle will not burn when you stir fry over high heat, also helpful for hanging the wok for storage. Wooden handle has special hygroscopic not slippery surface for tight grip when you stir-fry.
  • Craft Wok – Love Wok! We are a team of professionals drawn together by our passion for the carbon steel wok. Our mission is to bring you as much pleasure from Stir-frying in a wok, as chefs get in restaurants across China. To do this, we have found the best manufacturers in China. Our range of branded products is 100% authentic traditional carbon steel woks, 5 years on market.


This wok is traditionally made from hand hammering. So, if you prefer a wok that is traditionally hammered, this is for you. The quality worthy of note, a good reason why it is a little bit costlier than most budget woks.
This carbon steel wok comes with a wooden handle with steel, which will make your cooking easy. You won’t have to fear to burn your hand while tossing or mixing your stir fry with this handle. Besides, it will withstand high temperatures, which also reduces your worry while cooking. This wok has a thickness of about 1.8 mm for a faster cooking experience.

Durable and sturdy
Best budget
Comes with a 15-inches gauge
Suitable for cooking medium-sized meals

not dishwater safe

This is the Best Carbon Steel Wok in 2019.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok


Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok, Carbon Steel with Lid and Stir Fry Spatula, Recipes Included, 14-inch, 4 Piece Set

  • Helen’s Asian Kitchen Carbon Steel Wok for stir frying, stewing, sauteing, steaming, braising, frying, and deep frying favorite Asian recipes and more
  • Made from 1.6-millimeter carbon steel with heat-resistant bamboo handle, helper handle, and high-domed lid; sturdy riveted design; hangs to store
  • Carbon steel distributes heat quickly so foods cook evenly; cooking surface collects a natural patina over time for non-stick cooking performance
  • Flat bottom sits securely on any stovetop; works with gas, electric and induction; high-domed lid retains heat and prevents splatters
  • Easy to season and maintain; includes 13-inch bamboo spatula, and recipe booklet with instructions; lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects

It is durable
Heats up fast
Comes with accessories
Useable on gas stoves and electric burners
Comes with two wooden handles

A little bit shallow


This wok is made out a 1.6 mm thick carbon steel. The size is 14” so it will conveniently take the food of up to 12 people. Also, it is made to have a flat bottom, making it suitable for any kind of gas stove, induction, or electric stove.
It has a concentric downwards that provides even heating and even cooling. It comes with two elegant wooden handles with high heat resistance property — one handle to support, and the other one the main handle. For easy storage, the handle was made to have a loop. It also comes with a metal lid that can be used for steaming.

This is the Best budget Carbon Steel Wok in 2019.

Joyce Chen Pro Chef Peking Pan Uncoated Carbon Steel Wok


Joyce Chen 22-0050, Pro Chef Peking Pan Uncoated Carbon Steel, 12-Inch

  • 12″ Carbon Steel Peking Pan (Joyce Chen’s original stir fry pan)
  • Professional weight of 2.0 millimeter of carbon steel
  • Once seasoned, these professional carbon steel pans will render superior cooking performance for life
  • Stay cool phenolic handles
  • Designed for rapid, even heating and cooling


Durable material
Heats up fast
The handle is easy to remove
Extra handle for convenience


A little bit heavy

This is the recommended wok for people with standard family size, and it is 14”. It is light and easy to carry. It is made from a 2 mm thick carbon steel, which means it will heat up very fast. The flat bottom is suitable for electric, induction, and gas stoves.

The fine handle fits pretty well, so it is reliable for tossing your food while cooking, this gives you full control of your cooking. The extra handles serve as support that provides stability to the pan when you are cooking or moving your pan from one part of the kitchen to another. The handle has a loop for easy storage.

This is the Best budget Carbon Steel SKillet in 2019.

Joyce Chen Classic Series Carbon Steel Wok

Joyce Chen 21-9978, Classic Series Carbon Steel Wok, 14-inch

  • 1.5 mm gauge Carbon Steel body
  • Natural Carbon Steel
  • 14 inch diameter Wok
  • Birch wood handles
  • Use on gas, electric or induction stovetops


Even heating
Hand-hammered wok
Non-stick pan surface
Extra handle for support


Slow heating


This is top quality 14” carbon steel wok. It is 1.5 mm carbon steel thick, and this makes it a very durable wok that is wear-resistant. It heats up evenly and also cools off evenly. The perfect combination of features, performance, and size.
It features Long Birchwood handle that keeps your hand from getting burned.

Ecolution Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok with Soft Touch Riveted Handles

Ecolution Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok with Soft Touch Riveted Handles, 14″,Black

  • Features a Non-Stick Coating that is PFOA Free which is safer for you and fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Versatile Ideal for everything from stir fry to deep frying.
  • Flat base for balance which also enables the wok to sit directly on the burner, maximizing the heat in the pan. Built in helper handle.
  • High heat transfer for even cooking. Suitable for Electric, Gas, Glass Ceramic stove tops.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


The non-stick coat
Even heat distribution
Heats up fast
Long wooden handle


Non-stick coat may slowly come off with use.


This is a 14” wok that can be used to cook for up to 12 people at a go. It comes with a support handle for easy transporting because of its large size. The handle is wooden with high heat resistivity to protect your hand while cooking. The flat bottom makes it suitable for all kinds of stoves.

What is a Carbon Steel Wok?

A wok is a cooking utensil that is bowl-shaped and wide, and it allows the chef to cook meats and vegetables with even distribution of heat. Originally, woks were made from either carbon steel or cast iron. Today, you will find woks made of other elements like aluminum and stainless steel, some with non-stick coating, other with no coating at all.

A wok is designed to have tall edges that keep the contents from falling away when you are trying to toss your pas. Also, these tall edges provide room to sear more ingredients.

The versatility of carbon steel wok

Kitchen utensils serve many uses in the kitchen. The Carbon Steel Wok is one of the most essential Kitchen Utensils.
The carbon steel wok is useful for different techniques like;
Pan-frying- frying using a small amount of oil
Boiling – you can use it for cooking soup and rice
Deep frying – frying food that requires a lot of oil? A deep wok will serve you well for this purpose.
Braising – this is the most popular use of a wok
Stir-frying – frying your food with a little amount of oil, continuous stirring, and high heat.

Why should you pick carbon steel wok over woks made of other materials?

There are several options of wok that you can pick from. They range from ceramic cast iron, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, electric, and other non-stick surfaces. With all this option, you may be thinking about why we recommend carbon steel wok.
Here’s why:

There are hardly any cooking utensils that don’t require high temperatures. Some metals are not safe for your health when they get heated up. Metals like aluminum will release toxic properties into your food when heated up. On the other hand, carbon steel, when heated up, releases no toxin even if heated at very high temperatures. This makes them one of the safest materials for cooking.

Carbon steel woks are not only safe, but they are also cheap when you compare their price with cast iron and other types of materials. So, you have the opportunity to prepare healthy and tasty meals without having to dig deep into your pocket.

Equal distribution of heat
Carbon steel wok ranks high when it comes to the rapid and uniform distribution of heat, unlike stainless steel pan. This ability will help you reduce your cooking time by helping you prepare food faster.

Carbon steel is lighter when compared to cast iron, although both are made of the same materials but in different ratios. Carbon steel has only 1 % carbon, while cast iron contains 2-3% carbon.

This may seem insignificant to you, but you should consider the following point. Carbon steel is more docile than cast iron that gets heavier. This allows you to flip and toss your food on the wok easily and without any stress.

Carbon steel woks will not crack, and they are chip resistant because the metal used is durable. This makes it unique amongst other woks.
This doesn’t stand when you don’t take proper care of your wok, it will rust and reduce the durability.

Better Control
Carbon steel allows even and rapid heating. It also allows even cooling. This gives you better control of your cooking. So you can use the Carbon steel wok to prepare foods that require low temperature.

Cleaning your carbon steel wok
If you want to use your carbon steel woks for long, then you must follow some specific rules.

Initial cleaning
we wish to inform you that you must wash every wok the first time you buy them before using it at all.
You are doing this prior cooking to remove the protective coat placed on it from the manufacturer’s factory. Nothing serious here, simply use soap and warm water to scrub the wok and rinse with warm water and wipe dry.
Also, take note that you need to avoid washing your carbon steel wok with dishwater. Wash it and rinse with warm water.
Initial seasoning
You need to pay attention to this if you ant your carbon steel wok to serve you a lifetime. You should never overlook initial seasoning because it acts as a non-stick season, and it prevents food from sticking on your wok surface.
It is effortless to do this. Apply cooking oil on the surface of your carbon steel wok, and spread even round the surface before you cook your food.

Things you should look out for before buying the best carbon steel wok
Including a wok to your set of cooking utensils is a great addition to your kitchen. It will be of excellent service to you for many years to come. However, when it comes to buying the right one, a lot of people often go for the wrong one and end up buying one that won’t take long before needing to get replaced, or even discourage them about using a wok as a whole.
Below, we have listed some essential features to look for in the best carbon steel wok.

1. Flat bottom or Round bottom?
The bottom shape of carbon steel wok comes in two shapes, and it is either round bottom or flat bottom. So which one is right for you?
You can use either of the two, and they will serve the purpose. Flat bottom Woks are best if you will be using electric or an induction range. It will sit down comfortably without wobbling.

2. Size and height
The height and the diameter of your wok matters a lot, so you must consider this before choosing one. Also, don’t forget the concave properties. For a deep wok, the heat will remain at the bottom, and it will take time before reaching the top and sides; therefore, there even heat transfer will not be possible when you are cooking. If it is too shallow, it will be difficult for you to mix or toss your food well without spilling some of them away.

You must consider the number of people that you will be cooking for. While keeping the number of people you will be cooking for, you should know the following;
To cook a meal of 5 people, you should get a 12” wok
To cook a meal of 6-12 people, you should get a 14” wok
To cook a meal of more than 16 people, you should get a 16” wok

3. Handles
Handles of woks are of various types. Some are two small loop handles oppositely facing each other. Some have a long handle on one side and a loop handle on the other. Others have just one long handle. There is no big deal in the handles because they all serve a similar purpose, to help you lift the wok. Let your cooking technique decide the type of wok that you will go for.

4. Quality
The quickest way to tell if a wok is good or not is by checking the material it is made of, and it is made. There is more than one type of carbon steel wok. There is a stamped wok, which is cheap quality, and there is a hand-forged wok that is of better quality.

5. Accessories and utensils
You can either buy your wok individually or together with a set of accessories. These accessories include a spatula, ladle, rings steamer, lid, tray, and many more. Decide what you will use your wok to know which one to buy. Asides stir-frying, there are other cooking techniques like smoking, deep-frying, and steaming; these techniques all require extra utensils for excellent cooking.

6. Method of construction

Woks can be made using different methods:
In the hammering method, each hammer blow produces small indentations or divots. You will need to take a very close look to notice this. As a result of the hammering, the edges of the wok is rough, and it holds your food well in place.
The stamping method requires bending a piece of metal. Woks produced from this method come out with smooth edges. Woks made from this method are not the best for holding food. They get clumsy while trying to hold your food
In the spinning method, the woks produced come with granular sides. They have concentric circles downwards, and this lets you place food on the side without it sliding off. This provides you full control of your cooking.
Spun and hammered woks are cheap and affordable compared to stamped woks, and they ill serve your cooking needs.

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