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Top 5 Best Electric Can Openers 2020

Top 5 Best Electric Can Opener 2020

Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener


Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever, Opens…

  • Eliminates sharp lid edges: This electric can opener cuts cans along the sides for smooth, touchable lids.
  • Opens pop-top and regular cans: No need to struggle with or handle sharp and messy pop-top lids any longer.
  • Easily open cans with one hand: designed with an easy-touch opening lever
  • Sleek chrome and black design: the stylish design of the Hamilton Beach can opener looks great on the countertop and complements any décor.
  • The motor of your can opener is permanently lubricated and will require no oiling

People don’t like spilling juices and other liquids all over the kitchen counter while opening the can. If you hate the mess and are not fans of side cut can openers, then you will love this electric can opener. It is one of the best electric can openers nowadays. It cuts smoothly along the rim and eliminates all the sharp edges. The lid after removal becomes touchable.

It is a handheld can opener and works best for pop-top and regular cans. It cuts along the sides, not into the can lid. The can opener doesn’t touch the food inside the can. It is very feasible to operate with a single hand as it has an easy-touch opening lever.

It is very straightforward to use. You just have to place the can under the section made for cutting and push down the lever to puncture a hole. The can opener has a magnet to keep the can in place before cutting the lid. The design of this electric can opener is very sleek and elegant. The motor of the can opener is coated with a lubricating material, and you don’t have to oil it.


Doesn’t requires batteries
Cuts smoothly along the rim
Sleek design
Sturdy build


Leaves the silver shaves

Dr.Me Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener, Restaurant can Opener, Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener! Chef’s Best…

  • automatic can opener for individuals with arthritis or hand pain, requires no Manual labor.
  • opens your cans fully automatically at the touch of a button, The lid is held simultaneously with a magnet to avoid a mess.
  • the special highlight: after opening, the tin lid can be used directly for closing.
  • the electric automatic can opener cuts off the lids with rounded edges to eliminates the risk of injury.
  • 7 Days , PLEASE contact us for replacement if the item you received is defective.

Electric Restaurant Can Opener

If you are looking for a very handy and easy to carry can opener, then this is the best to choose. It is a compact and convenient electric can opener. Sleek and elegant design with a perfect matte to shine black finish.

It is the best can opener for both amateurs and professional chefs. It is an automatic can opener, and no technical skills are required to use it. It has a push-button on the top and a round shape small blade on the lower side. The can opener moves 360-degrees to cut the lid, and the magnet holds the lid to prevent a mess.
The best feature of this can opener is that the lid after cutting can be used to close the can. The can opener cuts the lid in a way so that it is rounded from the edges that minimize the chances of injury.

It weighs only seven ounces; this will be the most compact and portable electric can opener in your kitchen. This particular electric can opener is the chef’s best choice, and it is also the best kitchen tool you can own.


Compact and sleek design
Easy to use
Automatic shut off feature
Rotates 360-degrees
Cut rounded edges
Safe to use
Best for elderly
Don’t require much manual power


The on/off button is very delicate

Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart CCO-50N Deluxe Electric Can Opener, White

  • Electric can opener with precision Power Cut blade
  • Press-and-release lever for easily opening any standard-size can
  • Extra-wide base prevents sliding or tipping; stops automatically
  • Magnetic lid holder; removable activation lever; easy-to-clean design
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

This is the best stainless-steel body electric can opener you can have on your kitchen counter. Its stylish and elegant design looks great and works wonderfully. The can opener is compact and durable. It has a very powerful and precise cutting blade, and it cuts mess-free.
The lever is easy to use, and the magnet holds the can down to make the whole procedure spill-free. The Cuisinart Electric Can Opener comes with a combination of power, style, and convenience.

The high-quality motor works perfectly and won’t stop in the middle of the job. The stainless-steel body and removable lever make the can opener easy to clean and maintain. The automatic shut off feature makes it an even more interesting kitchen gadget. This model is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. It is safe to use.


Easy to use
Automatic shut off feature
Stainless-steel body
Magnet to hold the can
Precision cut blade
High-quality motor


A few parts are made of plastic

Black + Decker Electric Can Opener

BLACK+DECKER EC475B-2 Electric Can Opener, COMPACT

  • Removable Cutting Assembly – The power-pierce cutting assembly can be removed and reattached for easy cleaning.
  • Bottle Opener – Angled to quickly remove metal tops from glass bottles.
  • Knife Sharpener – Built into the back of the unit with a sharpening angle for both left- and right-handed use.
  • Pop-Up Lid Opener – Detachable lid opener for cans with pull rings and pop tabs.
  • Extra-tall electric can opener accommodates cans up to 49-1/2 ounces

If you have bigger cans to open in your kitchen, then this gadget is best to choose. Its tall and elegant style is made to accommodate bigger cans easily. The sharp blade gives a clean and mess-free removal of the lid. It has a built-in blade sharpener mechanism.
It is considered as a multi-purpose tool that can also remove bottle caps and pop-tops. It is a can and bottle opener at the same time. The whole design of the electric can opener is a combination of precision and convenience.

It leaves the edges smooth that minimize the chances of injury. It is a durable and good-quality handheld electric can opener. There is a magnet to hold the lid so that cutting is smooth and mess-free.
The lever is excellent and can be operated with one hand. The motor is high-quality. The automatic shut off and cutting rounded edge features make it stand out prominently.


Tall design
Can and bottle opener
Blade sharpening feature
One-hand operation
Leaves rounded edges
Feasible for large cans


Hard to connect cans sometimes

Ankuwa Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener, Multifunctional Can Opener, Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener. Chef’s…

  • Automatic can opener for individuals with arthritis or hand pain, requires no manual labor.
  • Opens your cans fully automatically at the touch of a button, the lid is held simultaneously with a magnet to avoid a mess.
  • The special highlight: after opening, the tin lid can be used directly for closing.
  • The electric automatic can opener cuts off the lids with rounded edges to eliminates the risk of injury.
  • The can opener uses the latest technology, Comfort and luxury are the ideals we pursue.

This can opener has a compact, portable, and convenient design. It can be used to open bottle caps and other jar lids. It requires no hard labor and causes no hand pain. The product comes with a battery compartment, metal gear, blade, and a push-button. The blade is sharp and cuts the lid off without any mess.
You can use the same lid to close the can as well. The electric can opener cuts off the lid with round edges that make the chances of injury minimal. The electric can opener is a combination of advance technology, comfort, and reliability.
The easy to use one-hand operation and 360-degree rotation make it chef’s number one choice. The unit cuts safely, and you would love having it in your kitchen.


Easy to use
Multifunctional uses
360-degrees rotation
Cut the round edges
One-hand operation


Gets stuck sometimes

Buying Guide


It is essential to look at the material of the can opener that you are going to buy. There are plastic and metal ones available. Some people are interested in buying plastic can openers, and no doubt they last longer, but they are not as durable as stainless-steel ones.
On the other hand, there are metal ones that are durable and heavy-duty. Nowadays there are many companies manufacturing stainless-steel can openers. These models are high-quality and efficient.


There are two types of electric can openers available

Regular direct current-powered

There are portable can openers that run with batteries, and countertop models are the corded ones. The battery’s lifetime is less, and you have to recharge or replace it. These models are less powerful than the countertop models.

Lid Opening

Most of the electric can openers nowadays have a magnet to hold the lid after removal. There are can openers available that open the lid half-way through so that it becomes a semi-sealed lid. Some of the electric can openers open the lid along the rim so you can use the top to close the can afterward.

Cut Style

There two styles that can opener cut the lid

Top cutting

The top style cuts along the rim, and that makes the edges rounded to save the user from injury. The top cut has a drawback that the blade may come in contact with the can ingredients and contaminate them. The other style is the sidecut that makes the lid sides safe, and the lid can be used to close the can afterward.

Multifunctional Can Openers

Many manufacturers are making multifunctional kitchen gadgets; one of them is an electric can opener. We have reviewed can openers that can also be used to open bottle caps. There are can openers that can sharpen knives, open bags, bottles, jar lids, etc.


You must consider the space you have in your kitchen to accommodate the specific gadget you are going to buy. There are different types of electric can openers available in the market, such as wall-mounted, under cabinet mounted, and others are countertop models. You can also store the can opener inside the cabinet when you are not using it.

Ease of Use

Before buying an electric can opener, you need to look at your needs & requirements. Take a look at the person who will be using the gadget, and then buy one that suits their style and needs.

If you have older people and children who will be using the can opener, then you have to buy the one that comes with safety features and is easy to operate. Compact and battery-powered electric can openers are the best to choose in this case.


If you have big cans to work with, then you must invest in tall can opening models. There are tall models available. They are reliable and look stylish on your kitchen countertops. These can openers are large, but not difficult to store. If you are looking for a can opener that you can take on trips, then small compact can openers are the best to buy.


Any kitchen equipment you buy will be either kept on the countertops, mounted under the cabinet, or stored inside the cabinet. Most of the kitchen gadgets are placed on the countertops. These are obliged to look great and add to the beauty of the kitchen. When you are investing in an electric can opener, make an image in your mind about its spot in the kitchen and see how it will look.


This is another very crucial factor to keep in mind while buying an electric can opener. The professionals want the can openers to be compact, elegant and have an automatic shut off feature. Corded models are the best option for chefs. The people who are looking for small can openers should buy pocket-size can openers.

Battery Replacement

If you have a can opener that runs on batteries, make sure these are well charged. If you use half-charged batteries, then they will end up losing their power and will die way before their actual time.

Replacing the batteries from time to time is also an excellent option for a long lifetime of your unit. Some companies are delivering components for replacement. It is a great way to show that the suppliers are trustworthy. Replace the part if they don’t work, or they are broken.


The electric can openers range from $20 to $30. High-end can openers are costly. Cost also varies with different models. Make sure to buy the one that is not a burden on your pocket and has all the features that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Can electric openers be used as knife sharpeners?
Yes, some electric can openers can be used as knife sharpeners as well. You have to be careful while working with these electric can openers as they tend to over-sharpen your knife, and this will result in a short lifetime of a knife.

Q: How to clean an electric can opener?
First of all, make sure that your electric can opener’s blade can be removed. If yes, then remove it with care and clean it with a soapy sponge followed by water. If the blade is not removable, then wipe it with a damp cloth, but make sure not to cut yourself o submerge the electronic components with water.

Q: What is a must-have feature of an electric can opener?
High-quality electric can openers have an automatic shut off system, and it is the best feature without any doubt. Most of the electric can openers have this feature, but it still is essential to check before buying. This feature makes sure the user remains safe and is in no danger when using the can opener.

Q: Do electric can openers have removable and washable parts?
Several electric can openers have removable parts, such as removable blades that can be removed and cleaned. When we buy any kitchen gadget, we need to think about the way we would clean it to keep our kitchen clean and food germ-free. Electric can openers make no mess, but whether the blade is removable or not depends on the style the blade cuts the can.

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