(Friday) 8.24.12

If you can DVR your TV. Why can’t you DVR your Surf Cam?

Solspot introduces the first ever surf camera with 15 minute user controlled playback. Well, actually we are launching 4 of them.

Starting August 24th the following surf breaks will have the feature on their FREE HD Surf Cams:


*4 more cams added (8/30/2012):

Upper Newport Beach:

This enables you to get 15 mins of uninterrupted surf cam with the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward.

It’s so obvious we can’t believe we didn’t think of it earlier but hey, better late than never right? The concept is very simple. Think of turning on your TV 15 minutes into a DVR of a TV program. You watch a 15 second commercial then get the ability to control the next 15 minutes of wave footage. You pick which waves you see. Want to see one again, rewind. Look like a lull, fast forward a few mins to the next set.

The entire Solspot team is excited to test the technology on 4 breaks… to start.

Additional beaches will follow based on your feedback. Like it? Hate it? Love it? Don’t care? Let us know below.

 Team Solspot

  • Ian Wilson

    Love this idea and looking forward to cams in my area to get this upgrade. I’m not sure how long i will stay tuned to “The Real Waves of Newport Beach” especially after south swell season is over. Seriously though Adam, i really like sound of this and will be eager to add this to my cyber-slacking routine.

  • Green Machine

    Solspot is becoming primo! Light up San Diego next. I’ll watch a 15 sec commercial yo

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