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Adam Wright
(Sunday) 1.27.13

Mavericks Invitational 2013 – Photos by Ben Ginsberg

While the waves weren’t out-of-control big for the Mavericks contest this year the conditions were killer. It was sunny and offshore with barely a drop of water out of place…definitely not the kind of weather that you would expect to see in the middle of winter at this notorious spot. The long waits between set waves were frustrating for the competitors, photographers, and the spectators. Fortunately for us, Ben Ginsberg, armed with some Solspot forecast insight, went up to Mav’s and was able to capture some gems from the channel and even a few unique perspectives of the big-wave break. Once again a big thanks to Ben for sharing us with us…make sure to check out the rest of his work at Driftwoodfoto.com.


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  • matty

    Sickk! Great Photos Guys

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