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Adam Wright
(Saturday) 6.12.10

Cottons, Trestles Surf Area, California

Surf Break Map: Cottons

This is the most northern break in the Trestles area…and the most fickle. Cottons is generally known as a left that breaks along the most northern part of San Mateo Point. It will break on a bigger SE through SW swell’s but it takes a very large swell to get it working properly. It seems to like the medium period swells (and sometimes large hurricane swells) the best. When everything connects you can string together some long sections.

When Cottons is breaking it attracts sort of a weird crowd. The wave is sort of rolly in the deeper water at the top of the point, so you see a lot of guys with bigger boards, guns, longboards, big-guy fun boards. The extra-length lets them get into the wave way on the outside and get a pretty long ride. Since the wave sort of bogs out after setting up on the outside section you end up having a whole different pack of shortboarders on the inside taking off on deeper sections and generally getting faster more critical rides on the inside. As the tide drops the packs start to edge closer together and the wave starts to get a more consistent shape and speed.

Spot details

Best swell direction: Large S-SW swell (180-210)…generally over 6’+ works best.
Best Wind: E, light-moderate Santa Ana winds are the best.
Sea Floor: Mix of rock, sand, and sea-grass
Best Season: Late Spring, Summer and Fall. Anytime you get a big southern hemi swell.
Crowds: It is fickle enough that it gets really crowded when it breaks.



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