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Adam Wright
(Saturday) 6.12.10

Middles, Trestles Surf Area, California

Surf Break Map: Middles

Middles is another sort of safety valve wave for the Trestles area. It is a decent break to surf but it isn’t as good as any of the breaks around it. It offers up another option to surf if the other spots are too crowded.

Located south of Lowers and north of Church…Middles gets its name for…well…being in the middle of Lowers and Church. (Ok it so it isn’t the most original name.)

The wave is a combination of sections…and wave shape depends a lot of the type of swell hitting the area at the time. It is possible to get a few lefts as you get closer to Church and some rights & peaks as you get closer to lowers.

Middles can get good but it usually takes a big swell combo to really get it really going. It is one of those spots that gets good but only when everywhere is good at the same time. So you only really surf it when you want to get a few good, mostly empty waves, but want to stay close enough that you can watch people ripping at Lowers.

Spot details

Best swell direction: Medium to Large swell combo of S-SW swell (180-220) and W-WNW swell (260-280)
Best Wind: E, light-moderate Santa Ana winds are the best.
Sea Floor: Mix of mostly rock, sand and sea-grass
Best Season: Summer, Fall, and Winter.
Crowds: Generally not that bad but it could get crowded on big swells that hit over the weekend.


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