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Adam Wright
(Saturday) 6.12.10

South Oceanside, Oceanside

Oceanside Pier is a decent surf spot…not quite as good as Oceanside Harbor or DMJs…but the pier does help to pile up some sand so it can get a decent sandbar going.

Most times, it seems, that the pier area and all the way down to South Oceanside you only really see local Oceanside surfers in the water. Not really from any sort of localism or anything like that…it is more “hey there is surf right out in front of my house (or street)…I might as well just go out there because it only takes me like 2 minutes rather than the 30 minutes it would take to get over to the harbor”. If I lived there I would probably feel the same way.

The wave at the pier is pretty much your standard beach break with a pier…nothing super exciting. It gets closed out when you get a single big swell (either from the WNW or the S) but it is usually a bit more makeable than the other areas.

Again, like most of Oceanside, it shines on the combo swells. The extra sand and the pier itself helps set up peaky crossed-up shape…and the occasional hollow corner.

Spot details:
Best swell direction: S through WNW (180-285), but it really like the combo swells.
Best Wind: NE through E winds or light and variable winds
Sea Floor: Sand
Best Season: Mostly Fall and Spring but can get good anytime you have a mix of swells.
Crowds: Generally not too bad…it does attract more guys than an open beach break would, just because people sort of gravitate to the pier structure. Weekends and summer can get frustrating occasionally.



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