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Adam Wright
(Monday) 12.24.12

OCregister.com – OC Charger Greg Long airlifted to hospital after wipeout at Cortes Banks

I was checking out the interweb and ran across this story by Laylan Connelly over at Orangecounty.com…sounds like Greg Long may have taken a pretty horrific beating out at Cortes Bank last week…seriously, you shouldn’t be coughing up blood and foam after wiping out (well not if you are a normal human).

Here is just the teaser from Orangecounty.com…make sure to check out the full story on their website.


San Clemente surfer Greg Long took a beating down at Cortes Bank late Friday afternoon, a wipeout so bad that he needed to be airlifted by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to UCSD Medical Center in San Diego, according to Billabong big-wave spokesman Bill Sharp.

Sharp posted an update on the Billabong XXL Facebook page, letting fans know that Long – one of the best big-wave surfers in the world – is doing OK and has been released from the hospital.

“He got pounded after taking off deep behind another surfer on a big one, and ultimately suffered a three-wave hold-down, blacking out near the end,” the update reads. Read the full story here.

Later today Laylan Connelly posted up a new interview with Greg Long…where he gives us a first person account of being pummeled by Cortes…

Here’s Long’s description of what happened:
“I had taken off on the second wave of a four-wave set and was forced to straighten out. After enduring an extremely violent and long hold down, I barely broke the surface and was attempting to grab a breath of air, when I received the full impact of the lip from the third and largest wave of the set. All of my breath was knocked out of me. I nearly lost consciousness at this point and was again driven deep and was subjected to a furious beating….read more here

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