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Adam Wright
(Wednesday) 9.1.10

Weak but rideable swell blend hits on Thursday

Thursday will be surfable…but like the last couple of days you won’t be dealing with a ton of swell…just a combo of soft/weak S-SW swells and local NW energy.

In the water we are going to have a mix of S and SW swells (spread all over 180-220) as well as some background NW windswell…again nothing all that exciting, but still sometimes fun if your spot can combo the swells up properly.

Most spots will continue to hold around knee high…and then get more ankle-knee high as the higher afternoon tide settles in. The standout combo spots, mostly the good S-SW/NW breaks of OC and SD (as well as a couple of other random spots), will have some knee-waist high surf with a rare chest high set still sneaking in on the better tides (and sandbars).

Winds will be light again in the morning…but we are starting to get some patchy areas of thick fog (which sounds weird) that will be rolling into some spots through the earlier parts of the morning. Sometimes there will be some texture/crumble that comes along with the fog bank…so keep an eye out for that. Most areas will be clean if the fog holds back. Look for building onshore flow capping out in the 10-14 knot range by mid-afternoon.

So there really isn’t much of a change from the last few days…just small, mostly clean, and sometimes rideable surf. Your best bet is still pretty much bringing a board with some extra foam and trying to get on it before the tide and the wind start to shut it down (but watch out for the fog). I think the shallower combo beach breaks will have the best shape…but the better S facing points/reefs will be pretty playful just a tad more tide sensitive.


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