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Adam Wright
(Wednesday) 10.31.12

Blackies 2012 Halloween Surf

Every surf break has a vibe, a feel, a soul (or sol )…it seems to encompass the mix of the wave’s shape, the amount of power, how big and consistent it can get and it even seems to permeate the people in the lineup. Waves like Pipeline can be gnarly and aggressive feel to them…while the other end of the spectrum you have a spot like Old Mans at San Onofre or Cowells in Santa Cruz which are mellow, relaxing, and just made to cruise.

One of my favorite local Orange County spots is Blackies down by the Newport Pier. It has a couple of different gears, going from mellow and chill on some swells to fairly rippable on others. One thing that doesn’t change that much is a sense of playfulness, even on the heavier days, there always seems to be someone smiling and having some fun, despite the conditions, despite the crowd, despite all of the other distractions that might be going on, there is almost always a little spark of stoke. That spark of playfulness definitely comes out on Halloween…where a dedicated group of locals don semi-waterproof (and sometimes not waterproof) costumes and get out in the water to just screw around and have some fun, which is what surfing is supposed to be about.

As usual one of our favorite Newport photographers Tom Cozad was down at Blackies this weekend to capture the session and sent over a few of his favorites shots. (Thanks Tom!)

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