Adam Wright
(Thursday) 3.27.08

Harbor Entrance, Newport Beach, Orange County, California

The Harbor Entrance wave is definitely a gadget wave. It takes a hell of a lot of swell to start a wave breaking in the deep water of the harbor entrance.

When we have an extra-large S swell there will be left section that forms on the South Jetty of the Harbor entrance, out past the bait tank. The wave never really moves away from the jetty rocks to you sort of surf the same distance away from the jetty as the wave moves down the length of the entrance…it is sort of hard to explain but makes perfect sense when you see it.

Unfortunately it is very illegal to surf in the Harbor Entrance…no matter what the swell is doing. If you do paddle out expect to get a fine somewhere in the “hundreds of dollars” range.

Spot details:
Best swell direction:
A massive S swell.
Best Wind: Light Santa Ana (N-NE winds).
Sea Floor: Jetty rocks and sand waaaay deep down.
Best Season: Spring, Summer and Early fall.
Crowds: Just pissed off harbor patrol guys.


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