(Wednesday) 6.12.13

Best Video We’ve Seen from the weekend

Great footage, great surfing, and some spongers mixed in.

{ WEDGE } from Brecht Vanthof on Vimeo.



  • Mark Gregory

    So many videos lately seem to really overuse slomo, its like people should need a license for it or something.
    This video was great! Slomo was used best I have seen. And the footage was NUTS!
    Great job!

    • BCS

      I know, right. Sick!

  • Todd McDaniel

    that was fricken sweet

    • BCS


  • you

    people need to stop critiquing forms of art expression and just enjoy what the creator made!

  • joey

    Nice video but I couldn’t watch the whole thing. That was THE most lame song ever.

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