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(Sunday) 5.6.12


Bird’s Surf Shed in San Diego will showcase 12 feature-length films and 20 short films centered around surfing. The three-day event, which will kick off with a VIP party on May 10, will also feature surf-related art and photography by local artists. Since San Diego is synonymous with surfing, the City of San Diego will present the San Diego Surf Film Festival with a proclamation on the opening night, Friday, May 11.

SDSFF is a platform for independent filmmakers from around the world to showcase their talents. This will truly be an international event celebrating surf cultures from around the world. “This festival is all about promoting and congratulating the individuals who create surf cinema simply out of passion,” said La Jolla native, bodysurfer and filmmaker Pierce Kavanagh, who, along with his wife Petra and friend Ed Lewis created the festival.

The San Diego surfing community has had a major influence on the history and development of surfing through its unique surfboard designers and remarkable surfers. San Diego may not be the birthplace of surfing, but there is no denying the contributions and innovations that this beautiful city and its ocean loving community have provided to the surfing world.

The main goal of the San Diego Surf Film Festival is to bring the entire global surfing community together on a grassroots level.

“This is the main reason why we are going to put a twist on the competitive film festival concept. We don’t want this to be a popularity contest, or a way to promote a particular brand so we are actually letting the filmmakers themselves decide on the awards” Kavanagh said. “Surf Films are one of the most important mediums we have to honor our most beloved pastime and lifestyle. We want this to be a time to come together, enjoy each other’s company and be inspired by the works of art that these artists and filmmakers worked so hard to bring to life.”

We hope you can make it to the Surf Film Festival. General Admission is $10, Groms $5, and then there is the All Access Nautilus Pass. It’s $80 or $100 depending on when you purchase it but you get a ton more for it. First you get access to the VIP event will feature a rare screening of George Greenough’s groundbreaking classic Innermost Limits of Pure Fun (1969) on the big screen. Then you can see every other film in the entire festival, and shaping demos, and filmmaker panel discussions, and the art lounge, and VIP private parties. If you are into surf films that’s your best bet.

Link to Nautilus Pass:

Check out the teaser video.


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