Jens Rasmussen
(Wednesday) 1.30.13

North Canyon Nazare

100 foot wave?



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  • http://www.solspot.com/ Adam Wright

    What do you guys think? 100-footer in there?

    Here is my 2-cents…I don’t think they have really released the actual “wave” that some of the newspapers were claiming 100-foot ride. Looking at video it almost doesn’t even look as big as the wave he road for the world-record…but I bet the shots from the boat in the channel will be a better way to judge. As a former judge for the Billabong XXL where we gave a 77-foot wave award away for a ride at Jaws, these just don’t seem as heavy either.

    That being said don’t get me wrong…I would freak out in surf even half of the size…(ok probably even a 1/4 of the size) if sets like those were bearing down on me.

    Any thoughts? Comments?

  • E

    It looks like the camera angle is from above, pointing down into the field of view. That vantage point may have something to do with why it doesn’t look as big maybe? I saw this shot http://i.imgur.com/9t75bb7.jpg and was kinda convinced. However there is some depth of field trickery going on in the shot, which could be making the wave appear bigger. Not sure what to think. Who crunches the numbers on how big the wave “officially” is and when will they tell us?

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