Favorites and Watch Lists

The custom area on the home page allows you to save 3 different data points for easy access when you return to the site:

In this section we give you the ability to save three different features as favorites/watch lists:

  • Surf Zone-  This section will display the summary for the day’s surf forecast and links to each of the tools available within the forecast section:
    • 5 Day Forecast
    • Overview (only available in Human Forecast Zones)
    • Long-Range (only available in Human Forecast Zones)
    • Swell Details
    • Charts
  • Spots- This section will display two spots with the current conditions and information on the largest predicted height in a 7-day window
    • 1 Camera Spot
    • 1 Spot
  • Buoys- This section will display two buoys with current conditions and the largest predicted forecast height for the next 7 days.
    • Forecast Buoy
    • Actual Buoy

How do I add/modify features in this section?

When viewing a page (spot, 5-day forecast or buoy) you will notice an icon after the title.  Simply click this icon and the page will be added to the appropriate feature.  To remove a page simply click the icon again (it should show a negative symbol indicating the ability to remove).  Or just add another page and the current item will be replaced with the new feature.   One forecast zone, two spots and two buoys not enough?  Well we have a solution for that….

Want more?

We are currently in a private beta program for the added features.  This list of features include:

  • More Watch lists and Favorites
  • Swell Alerts for your spots
    • Define Swell Size, Angles and Wind and get this delivered to your inbox
  • Buoy Alerts
  • Forecast Alerts
  • 2 Plus years of Historical data down to the spot level
  • Session Logging-Log your surf session
    • Automated Heights, Winds, Tides, Swell Angles and Periods
    • Rate your session
  • Define your own Surf Forecast
  • And much more….

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Well go ahead sign-up. Because this is a private beta we do not let everyone in…so we are basing the group on your willingness to share our product with others. So sign up and spread the word.

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