Adam Wright
(Thursday) 4.12.12

Ghetto Juice Airshow is back!

The day we appreciate Mother Earth is the day we appreciate people launching into its atmosphere. Mark the date folks 4/22 is the second annual Ghetto Juice Airshow presented by Sanuk. Last year featured Jack Freestone, Kolohe Andino, Nathan Fletcher, Chippa Wilson, Chris Ward, Albee Layer and of course the winner Mason Ho. If you missed it last year – super fail. Mark your calendar now and get there early to stake your section of the beach.

The event will be at Newport’s 54th street and run 7am to 11am.

This year’s lineup will boast 24 the world’s best aerialists. Already confirmed are:

Kalani David, North Shore Oahu. Kalani spends more time in the air than most 14 year olds because he spends half his time skating vert ramps and pools. Kalani can throw down a wide variety of airs and is one of the hottest young surfers in the country. This is his first time competing in the Ghetto Juice Airshow.

Nathan Fletcher, San Clemente. Nathan won the Airshow in Newport back in 1998, and some would say the Airshows helped get Nathan back on the map as a pro surfer… and the rest is history. Nothing Nathan does is small. It’s all big: Airs, tubes, waves…. he is the most extreme surfer on the planet and although he is confirmed and stoked to do the Airshow, an engagement in Europe could cause him to miss the event. But as of now, he’s confirmed…

Ryan Carlson, HB. Ryan is one of the area’s most innovative surfers who himself doesn’t know what type of air he’ll do on a wave until the section at hand tells him…. his airs often have more rotation, more twists, and he always puts on a show. Fourth in last year’s event, look for Ryan to make the podium again and maybe a few notches higher.

Joe Crimo, San Clemente. The most innovative surfer to ever ride a surfboard, and one of the originl Airshow invitees. He invened the vaerial, and some would say the kick flip, too…. though that is undocumented… no one would argue. Look for Crimo not on the face of the wave linking turns, but above the wave, blowing minds.

Josh Hoyer, Newport Beach. One of the original Airshow entrants from back in the day, Josh has mastered aerial surfing and is right at home competing in the Ghetto Juice format.

Newport Flyboys: Bobby Okvist, Ryan Croteau, Victor Done, Nick Fowler, Miles Smith …. the kids are all over it this year. It’s their home break, and no one puts in more water time day in and day out in the busty peaks of Newps than these guys here…. We’re stoked they’re in and expect one of them to make the final, if not all three….

Damien Fahrenfort, South Africa. Dooma was out of town for last year’s Airshow but said he would not miss this year’s event. The tall South African has power, speed and loft…. he’s from the same school ala Jordy, but with a slightly different style that still looks good tweaked out overhead. Look fr Dooma to cut loose in the Airshow scoring format and bring a finals appearance home for his beloved South Africa

Santa Cruz Flyboys: Matt Myers and Jeremy Scribner. These guys grew up surfing under the tutelage of Ratboys, Fleas, Barneys and every other flying circus animal that honed their skills surfing Santa Cruz’s many boostable spots… and it’s safe to say, the future of aerial surfing in Santa Cruz and beyond is safe as long as guys like Matt and Jeremy keep raising the bar.

HB Flyboys: Billy Hopkins, Jason Harris and Jesse Evans. It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of aerial surfers in any of the OC beach towns. And HB has it going on as well, with more than a few guys capable of going big and looking good… This will be Jack, Billy, Jason and Jesse’s first Airshow appearances and they couldn’t be more stoked…

Be on the lookout for videos of these guys posted on Solspot.com

  • http://Facebook JeRemy

    Getting psyched up 8 more days til it’s game time !! GhettoJuicemag is ruling it!

  • Joe Shmo

    HB Boys are gunna Kill it this year

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