Adam Wright
(Monday) 6.20.11

Solspot named official forecaster of Copa Quiksilver El Salvador

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After a great contest in Mazatlan Mexico we are excited to announce an extension of our partnership with the Quiksilver team. Solspot will be the official forecaster for Copa Quiksilver at Punta Roca, in La Libertad, El Salvador. We are so freaking stoked that we’ve decided to send a couple of our guys down there to report on scene. Well, we’ll actually be down there a couple days in advance checking out all the different breaks the country has to offer and then reporting from the event.

The event is a 4-star ASP event and we here there are over 100 surfers descending on the famous right point from 7/6-7/10. Our base camp will be AST’s surf hotel basically right out in front of the break. We’ll be bringing you daily updates, pictures, interviews, and all sorts of other fun stuff throughout the week. There’s even a rumor floating around that there will be a giveaway during the contest…stay tuned.

As the start of the contest nears keep an eye out for custom content…we will be bringing you a complete spot breakdown, long range reports, and all sorts of extras from the event.

Many thanks again to the Quiksilver team for the opportunity and of course AST for the invitation to stay at their Central American home!

  • Bob Cooney

    Congrats Adam and Solspot team!

  • c

    hell yea! after the years of free blogs and this site you got a four star event! so cool! like many others ive followed you for a while and this is great news, congrats man.

  • Julio

    Arrgg, I’ll miss it by 9 days. Congratulations on the gig. ES will be honored to have such a top-notch forecasting team doing their thing.

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