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Austin Gendron
(Friday) 10.21.11

Central America and Mainland Mexico Surf Forecast- Small leftovers throught the first part of the weekend but picking up early next week

Central America and Mainland Mexico Short-range Surf Forecast

The onshore winds have started to ease up a little bit and conditions are starting to look a bit better for many places that have been blown out over the past week or so.  Swell leftovers are pretty small, but with a little creativity and a good attitude one could find a little surf.  Conditions continue to improve Saturday and we’re looking at new SSW swell starting to show upon Sunday…

The 17 to 18-second forerunners should be starting to show up through the day Sunday, more so in the southern countries.   Monday and Tuesday (Oct 24-25) will start to see some moderate sized S-SSW (185-200) swell.  Average spots will be shoulder-head high on the sets while the standout breaks see overhead sets and even a few bigger deep water spots getting sets in the range of a couple of feet overhead at the peak.  As the swell starts to back down leftovers could get a little combo from a spotty inconsistent SW (215-225) and a backup pulse of SSW (180-195).

Keep in mind that this forecast is a broad overview for the Central America and Mainland Mexico regions…be sure to review the individual regions (and the spots within those regions) to get a much more detailed and specific forecast for each individual surf break.

Costa Rica | Nicaragua | El Salvador | Southern Mexico

Long-Range Surf forecast Central America and Mainland Mexico

So here’s the set up for the next week…

The original SSW (185-200) as I mentioned above should be peaking Tuesday and Wednesday, but the original system was pretty slow moving and was able to generate another pulse that should be showing up on Wednesday.  There was also a sizable system that generated south of Australia late last week, spitting a good sized swell up through the Tasman Sea and around New Zealand.  This guy is less than ideal, but some long-period energy should be able to propagate through the South Pacific and make its way up towards Central America and the southern part of Mainland Mexico for the 25th and 26th.  Energy will be spotty and inconsistent, but combined with the secondary SSW there could continue to be some shoulder to overhead surf through the second half of next week.

Looking a bit further out its nothing spectacular, but there could be some new pulses headed up for the beginning of November.  The models are still pretty far out, but it looks like the storm track is going to be pretty active even though its fairly zonal in the Southern Ocean.

Some of these systems are going to be big enough to send up a series of pulses that could mean some small to moderate background swell out of the S-SW (190-215).  This should keep it surfable through the first part of the month

Tropical Surf forecast and Tropical Weather Conditions for Central America and Mainland Mexico

Finally the tropics are starting to quiet down….

Its getting pretty late in the tropical season to see much action along the lines of tropical systems, which is kind of a blessing for those who have been hit hard this season. There’s still some rains and wind out there causing problems but it looks like they are headed towards more dry season-like conditions in the near future.

The Mainland Mexico and Central America surf forecast will be updated Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

Austin Gendron

Surf Forecaster


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