Rick Briggs: in the pit.

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Austin Gendron
(Monday) 8.5.13

Hello world meet Rick Briggs… you’re welcome.

A few weeks ago, I was writing the Central America forecast, and in doing so, I like to check up on a few sites that post day after photos to validate size and consistency of the waves we’re predicting.  On one of these sites I came across some water shots that absolutely blew my mind, and made me long for some warm water barrels.  Without hesitation I emailed the photographer, and through my own personal admiration for quality photography I was introduced to Rick Briggs.  I’d now like to share that introduction with you.

Rick is a native New Yorker, at the age of 12 he decided to hitchhike to Florida.  Luckily his family happened to be moving there so he was picked up on the turnpike and given a free ride and a place to stay when he got there.  He worked his way up through the ranks starting off as a sponger, then a sponger with feet.  Finally someone told him to add some foam and a little more glass.  Years of spending his summers and weekends on the beach got him bit by the travel bug.  The bug took him from east to west coast, Puerto Rico, Bahamas Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  For the past 7 years he’s been splitting his time between Colorado and Nicaragua keeping a board under his feet in one way or another, and finally this past December he made the decision to 100% pursue the surf life.  He’s now full time living in Nica and loving it.

He’s only been a photographer for about 3 years, but by looking at his photos you’d think he was born with a camera housing in the place of his hands.  When I asked him about that housing he admitted to all the rookie mistakes “forgetting to turn the camera on, leaving an allen key or the screws at the house, forgetting to do a dunk test and destroying a new 7D.”  He likes getting up close and personal with his subjects and has developed a great relationship with his 15mm fisheye which produces an amazing perspective.

My last question for Rick was “what is your biggest fear in the water?”  … we all know that Adam is deathly afraid of a worldwide dolphin take over, but Rick would like nothing more than to eradicate the sea snake… errr… any snake population.  I suppose now would probably not be a good time to remind him that Nicaragua has 19 poisonous snakes 4 of which are sea snakes…. good luck mate.

Please support Rick by purchasing his photos.  You can email him directly at Rick Briggs photography.  Also check out his website www.dondex.com, it is in the process of being updated, but still has some incredible shots on it.


Web URL:www.DondeX.com
Hometown: Florida via New York
Favorite spot to surf: its a secret sorry
Fun Fact: deathly afraid of snakes, but loves hitchhiking.

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