(Sunday) 10.23.11

Free HD Surf Cam #22, Das River Jetties.

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Solspot is stoked to announce our newest sponsor drive past while playing “bug punch”). That’s right, Surf City VW has joined the Solspot family and you know what that means. Sponsors keep the site free, sponsors make the site better! With the addition of McKenna VW we are launching FREE HD surf cam #22 River Jetties.

Arguably one of the best FREE HD surf cams in our network it is nestled back in upper Newport. This camera points up at River Jetties and slowly pans down the coast into upper Newport Beach. Depending on when you catch the pan this makes our 4th Huntington Beach or 2nd Newport Beach cam. Either way, we look at as another way for you to score more surf.

Hmmm, what else would be cool to add? How about The Wave Back Machine – ok, done! For those that don’t know The Wave Back Machine is like TiVo for surf cams. So now you can watch yourself surfing from an earlier session or you can call shenanigans on guys who claim to have scored double overhead when the report called for 2-3. We keep about two weeks of recordings up on the site, enjoy.

Check out the Live HD Upper Newport Camera Here

Check out the Upper Newport Wave Back archived footage here


As with most of our camera launches we are going to do a giveaway. This one gets better with more comments.

  • Everyone who comments gets a sticker
  • 10+ people comment, we pick the 5 best for hats
  • 20+ people comment, we pick 5 more for t-shirts
  • 30+ people comment, we pick 5 more for t-shirt/hat combo

Feel free to comment on the view, the site and don’t forget to show our newest sponsor McKenna VW some love too.

For extra bonus points go ahead and share the camera on Facebook and Twitter via the the share tool at the top of the camera page.

  • BCS


  • RB

    Wow, Solspot is like wine; just keeps getting better.

  • http://www.chipotlefilms.com Jose Marcelino Ortiz

    You guys doin it again!!! When is the Venice Breakwater Cam coming?

  • http://mikesenese.com Mike

    Nothing better than piling into my pal’s VW Eurovan and cruising up the coast for a weekend of surfing (his wife has it for her business, but you won’t believe how many boards it will fit inside).

    Love this new cam–it will make those outings even better. Thank you Solspot and McKenna VW!

  • Puna

    all ur cams suck

  • eric

    I love Solspot!! I surf river jetties the most, I cant explain how awesome this is for me!

  • http://thecloserwalk.blogspot.com/ Randy S.

    Nice placement A.Wright, It may save me the short drive on these south wind mornings.Keep the network growing.

  • http://poleshift.ning.com/ Abe Lincoln

    Nice shot of 52nd st, jetty.

  • Chris

    perfect spot.. Thanks homey

  • Bien

    Awesome! You don’t know how much gas it saves me. I live in LB and everytime I think RJ is decent, drove down there only to find walls and on shore winds. Now I can start save up and use the money for a winter board. Thanks Adam!!!

    • http://poleshift.ning.com/ Abe Lincoln

      Its alawys onshore in Newp/HB,
      How can you pass on creek?
      Get another job!

  • shores

    super lame, can’t believe you put a cam here.
    go back to HB and surf the pier. kook!
    the waves suck at RJ’s dont go there.


    • Phil

      I know!… How dare someone shed light on the super top secret spot called “river jetties”. I recently caught wind of a crazy secret spot that a wise man told me was called “Trestles”… but I’m gonna keep that one to myself. Well, at least I hope people don’t start showing up to RJ’s with their dogs now because of this new cam!!! Next thing you know, a surf shop pops up nearby, and the whole spot is blown!

  • chocofish

    hey is that me surfing? nah just another turd floating out the rivermouth….

  • SC Fool

    Prove you’re not a kook. Pick up 10 pieces of trash on your way from the water to your car.

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