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It has been an awesome start to the year for team Solspot. We have had great swell, great wind conditions, and great weather. How are we going to top it? How about a new surf series coming to Huntington Beach? Solspot has been named official surf forecaster for the American Pro Surfing Series

What’s the American Pro Surfing Series? A three event surf series that is going to be awesome. The first event is April 25-29, second September 20-26, and the third October 31-Nov5. Best two days forecasted by Solspot is go time. All three events will be held at Huntington Beach South Side Pier, a really familiar place to us since it’s about 10 minutes away from Solspot HQ (30 minutes in summertime…tourists). Who’s competing? Ha, we can’t tell you everything right now, but there are some very recognizable names.

The event is the brainchild of Scott Waring. Scott’s passion and inspiration for the event was to create a showcase where past, present, and future athletes, both men and women can show their stuff. Truth is, there aren’t a ton of events here in Southern California that bring in the apex guys. Yeah, there are a few in So Cal, but when we were approached with the opportunity to bring talented guys to our home break for a couple days we were in like flynn.

Scott also explained the need and importance of a strong domestic tour. He harkens back to the late 80’s when a kid from Cocoa Beach headed west and won his first major contest and is now the 11x reigning champ. He also explained many of the industry leaders of today were born from the old domestic tour. Guys who’s shirts, jeans, and wetsuits we wear like Jeff Booth from Billabong, Richard Woolcott from Volcom, and Pat O’Connell from Hurley. All these guys surfed local events and have deep roots in the way surfing is shaped. So why not stimulate more of that? Let’s have the big name surfers, but let’s also have some local kids mixed in, mixing it up. And Mom/Dad, they only need to miss 2 days of school not 10 or 15.

There are some pretty big name sponsors in the event. Honda, State Farm, Surfing Magazine, Jack’s Surfboards, Matunas, and of course Solspot. We are stoked to partner with these brands and even more stoked to bring you some amazing surf to watch at our home break. And if you can’t make it to the event we will be broadcasting the whole thing LIVE on Solspot. Oh yeah!!!

Stay tuned for more info. We will be posting updates on the site and on Facebook. As soon as we get it, you’ll be next to know.

Here’s to a great 2012.

  • c

    hell yea guys! you deserve this. from a weekly blog to this, congrats.

  • jjw

    Congrats, Adam! Well done!

  • shirtless in san ysidro

    Sweet! Sponser me! Haha. No, seriously, great news for solspot. Congrats!

  • Leo

    Yeah Adam!!! It is well deserved my friend… Can’t wait to see the old,current and new in action, called to great surf by YOU!!!

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