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In Focus: Sarah Lee

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For the past few weeks we’ve featured some very seasoned photographers. Something like 75+ years of experience in the business. Their photos are amazing and cover a wide range of styles. This week we decided to go out and find some raw talent. Holy smokes were we blow away.

We caught up with 20 year-old Sarah Lee while she was on break from school. Poor Sarah has to split her time between Southern California and the frozen Hawaiian tundra…yeah, exactly. The good news is she’s in what Maverick would call “a target rich environment.”

So Sarah’s been shooting for 5 years and has a knack for capturing moments of extreme awesomeness. She’d tell you her style is undefined and raw. Well, that may be true because her portfolio isn’t a gazillion images deep but she definitely has her own style.

In our conversation with Sarah we asked how she sets up her shots, how she frames them to capture the essence of the moment, how she preps before hand. Her response – “I don’t really pre-plan anything. I look at what’s in front of me and aim to bring out the best of it … like a form of visual problem solving. I like to go with the flow and let the inspiration happen.” Usually when you hear that the images you see are pretty bad (that’s what I usually say).

With Hawaii and Southern California in her pocket we asked what’s next for this young talent. Well, she’s going to the Gold Coast (taking classes over at a university for 4 months, then back to CA for who knows how long). Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to be young and carefree. She’s not worried about a mortgage, a spouse or what the piece of furniture the dog ate. She’s just perennially stoked to get out and shoot and shoot and shoot. Who knows, maybe it’s the clear mind that allows her to capture an image like the dancer in the sand.

Whatever it is we salute it because we all get to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Thanks Sarah.

Quick Facts/Information
Web URL: www.vivantvie.com
Hometown: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Favorite spot to shoot: China Walls
Fun Fact: I have never purchased or consumed any sara lee baking products. ;)

  • Srfnff

    Sarah takes interesting and beautiful pics, many of which are displayed on her website. The artful messages she evokes betray her claim that she doesn’t plan them. That is difficult to believe as even a quick but inquisitive look at her portrait photos will reveal. But perhaps she was speaking about her action photos. Nevertheless, Sarah’s fun, high quality images make a stroll through her gallery a pleasant experience.

  • Jayjayh

    Cool photos. Beautiful.

    All I gotta say is “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee!”

    Couldnt help myself.

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