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RW Surfboards

Surfboards, shirt screen-printing, surf lessons, live art, live music, skateboards….Seriously, what do these guys NOT do?! We caught up with former professional surfer, Cory Whitlock and the rest of the brothers at RW surfboards to see what’s been flowing with their operation since our last visit.

A lot of surfers today have been buying boards with the 5 fin option. How about 7? Yes, 7 fins are right! Cory gave us the skinny on their board called the “Flair Model”, and this thing is wild looking. With the standard 5 fin option, the “Flair Model” gives you another choice for two rail fins. Cory says, “It’s a multidimensional board that you can manipulate however you want, and it’s designed to give you more drive in your turns”. That’s not all, for you young groms out there; they’ve included the option for straps on the mid deck and tail for training in airs. Once you get your airs down, the straps are easily detachable. All of RW boards are hand shaped and glassed all in house by Rusty and Steve. All those years of experience, all those surfed (and shredded waves) built into your board.

While Cory was giving us a tour of the RW compound, the guys were keeping busy printing, boxing and shipping out shirts for all kinds of companies. One company in particular was Joel Tudor’s line called Kookboxx. The RW shop makes shirts for a large portion of the local businesses, it’s another way for the surf shop to stay healthy and viable. If you need some shirts made, check RW out.

Tyson D. Thompson, RW shop employee, says “once a month we have live art shows with live DJ music or live bands”. Tysons friend, Shawn David Baker, a live artist, was hanging out in the shop and showed us some of his work. Shawn has some amazing surf art, and when you cruise over to the shop, check out Shawn’s work on the wall over the skate ramp. For details on art shows and future events at the RW complex check out:  http://thelieshow.com/shawndavidbaker/.

Cory stopped half way through the interview and asked – You want to talk to Ricky? Ricky Whitlock (Cory’s brother) is a pro surfer, so we were like hell yeah. Ricky was set to compete in the Volcom Pipe Pro in February; the contest was called off for the day – crappy conditions. While free surfing, Ricky was thrown over the falls and landed on his tailbone crushing his vertebrae and broke his back. Ricky said the recovery  “is going well and I’ve been able to twist and turn without any problems”. Ricky says he went through a lot of shock therapy that helped speed the recovery process. Ricky has been surfing again and he just won the friendly Surf into Summer State Beach Invitational (In memory of Banning Capps). Ricky’s recovery has been documented via this ESPN film, a must watch: http://xgames.espn.go.com/surfing/article/8733225/ricky-whitlock-back-int-water-broken-back

Solspot would like to thank Cory and all the guys over at RW for showing us around and for the great hospitality. When you’re in Carlsbad, stop by and check out their shop, also take advantage of their surf lessons if you’re a beginner looking to shred the waves.

Web: http://rwsurfboards.com and  http://whitlockink.com

Location: 2601 State Street Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: 760.994.0506.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cory.whitlock.98 Cory Whitlock

    Thanks for the support SOLSPOT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/drury.babcock Drury Babcock

    Whitlock Surf Industries ROCK!

  • Sue Weaver

    Great shopping experience at the Whitlock stores. Staff was very friendly and took time to chat and explain the surfing scene, we purchased t- shirts and hoodies and hats. We will tell all our friends back in Canada about this gem of a surf store.

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