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(Tuesday) 9.13.11

Sacred Craft, a surfboard show…

If you’ve never been to a surf show shame on you. Shows are great because you get to see all the new surf innovation first hand. Plus its great to be at a show where everyone is there looking for more stoke. The next solid show is Sacred Craft on October 8 and 9. We are telling you super early so you can mark it on your calendar. Team Solspot will be down there ready to show the site, how to use our advanced tools, and maybe a new cam BOOTH 1018.

What’s Sacred Craft all about? It is all about the surfboard, plain, simple. They explain “It’s time to put the surfboard-and the modern-day kahunas who craft them-back at the forefront of surf culture. To place that influence, that importance, that responsibility, back in the hands of the artisans, surfers, and shapers who design our sacred crafts-and ultimately our future.” We agree.

They nail it when they say “surfers only care about two things: waves and the equipment to ride them.” This particular show is a celebration of the surfboard, the philosophical icon of enduring youth. No other object stirs as much passion, as much stoke, and as much power. They have a bunch of shapers there, equipment manufacturers, and two shaping bays where a bunch of boards will be shaped and laminated live. You can see craftsman work their magic shaping mojo and create brand new boards right before your eyes. A bunch of you know we are big into helping the little guys get exposure and a show like this is a great place for you to talk to shapers and local icons.

So besides us there handing out swag and showing off the site what else will be there?

  • Tribute to the Masters Shape-off honoring Carl Ekstrom presented by US Blanks
  • Billabong’s Art of Shaping Auction LA County Edition
  • The REEF Redemption Sustainable Craft Showcase
  • Art Grotto produced by Matt Beard benifiting SurfAid International
  • The Soul Project Quivers Lounge
  • Korduroy.TV short films lounge
  • Plenty of aloha with PRIMO Beer flowing
  • Book signings “No Bad Waves” by Mickey Munoz in the Patagonia booth, and Chris Dixon author of the new Cortes Bank book entitled “Ghost Wave”.
  • Roadshow style collect-able surfboard & memoriblia expert appraisals (Sat only)
  • Live music featuring Seth Petterson, Boo Stubbs & One Shot Wonder, Boaz Jazz Troupe, Kevin White Pacific Jazz Guitar featuring Bridget Eliza on vocal , and more
  • Longboard skate zone feature LOST Skateboards slalom challenge open to the public.
  • Great deals on surfboards, gear and art
  • Sunday morning demo the boards of Sacred Craft at 15th St Del Mar 7a-10am

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