(Sunday) 4.1.12

Surf Labor Profile – Samaritan Coffee

We were introduced to Samaritan Coffee after a great surf session in Huntington Beach last week. As you know, the water has been bitterly cold lately and after a couple of hours in the water we were looking for a hot cup of java. Walking down Main St. we ran into our friend and Huntington Beach resident Jeff Browe. Jeff’s been working on Samaritan Coffee for about a year and finally launched his goodness based brew and invited us in for a taste.

I’ve got to preface this by saying I am no coffee aficionado, but I brew a pot every morning and I know what I like and my friends I like this coffee. So far I’ve tasted just the House Blend but it’ll be a staple in my house for sure. There are three other flavors – French Roast, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut plus decaf (decaf is not a flavor for the math people). All are offered for the same price $11.89 for a single bag (12oz) plus shipping and handling.

So what makes this coffee special besides the taste? Well, the company is built with giving back as part of their DNA. A portion of every single bag purchased is set aside and then given back those in need. Samaritan doesn’t write monster checks to monster charities. They pride themselves on finding individuals in need and giving them a little help when they need it most. On Samartian’s website they explain it as “Life is unexpected. Sometimes a little support at the right moment can make all the difference. That’s where we come in. Our business model transforms our customers into benefactors—helping real people with real needs.”

Pretty cool. Check out their website – http://www.samaritancoffee.com

GIVEAWAY = In the spirit of giving we got Jeff to give us three 3-packs of the House Blend to giveaway. Post a reply below. Best 3 stories on why you should get a 3-pack wins. If you promise to give two of the bags away we will dig into the Solspot Swagcastle and hook you up with some Solspot stuff too.

  • stinger

    Here in Seattle, far far away from my hometown in Orange County, I am surrounded by northwest hipsters who ask me if I surf in a dry suit. Despite the abundant availability of coffee in all directions and forms, I need some reminders (and proof) of how awesome SoCal is. Oh, and as a loyal fan who still checks SolSpot even when forecasts don’t apply, I would love to rock some gear!

  • RST

    life is unexpected. So true: I’d like the triple pack, because I unexpectedly lost my job in Jan. and havent been able to keep my stable of killer coffe beans full, trimming the budget. On the upside, I’ve been able to surf a TON with my “free-time” and great forecasts from SOLSPOT. I’d absolutely give 2 bags away still though, since I would want the darkest/strongest blend (french) to myself, wouldnt drink the flavored stuff and pass on the house blend to someone else paying it forward!

  • BCS

    One more comment and the goodness gets passed!

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