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(Thursday) 6.13.13


Almost as fun as the first ride, meeting with the shaper.

This is the point when your baby starts to come alive. It’s really easy to do this right, but a bunch of people don’t… Follow these easy steps and you will be setup for success when you are talking with your shaper.


  • Bring a board or two to the shaper
    • What do you like about each one?
    • What do you want to improve?
    • Are you looking for anything different?


  • Don’t lie
    • Where do you really surf (you aren’t at Restaurants everyday)
    • What style of wave is your favorite
    • What’s your skill level


  • Ask Questions
    • If the shaper says things you don’t understand – ask what it means
    • If you’ve “heard” things you can’t make sense of – ask


  • Show up bearing gifts
    • Look, this guy is HAND-CRAFTING the most important piece of equipment you may ever buy. Show up with something – donuts, bagels, or even lunch.


When I met with Mike, shaper for Robert August Surfboards here’s what I did.


  • Brought my 9’3”.
    • Love how easy it is to catch waves
    • It’s a little heavy – hard to turn
    • Want more performance out of next board
    • Not looking for nose riding


  • 190lbs, slow lazy waves with longboards – Bolsa, San O, Doho, etc. Been surfing since 13 yrs old, so I say above average surfer.


  • Questions:
    • I wanted to know more about why some longboards have the nose spooned out. We talked about how that changes the way the board rides.
    • We talked for a long time about the different types of tails. How that affects performance.
    • A BIG ONE for me was taking weight out of the board so we talked for a long time about lamination, glassing and finishing. I learned adding resin color adds weight quickly (my board will be plain).


  • We met at 8am, so I brought donuts. Everyone in the shop was stoked. So stoked they started cutting/shaping the blank right in front of me.


Check it.

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