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Jens Rasmussen
(Sunday) 9.26.10

Phil Goodrich Interview

photo: Paul Kennedy

Phil Goodrich is a super talented surfer who follows his own path.  He is also a very talented artist.  We had a chance to ask him a few questions….

Do you remember your first surfboard?

1st. surfboard; 1980. Dad had a friend at N.A.S.A. that surfed, and the two of them thought I should start. We drove to Sebastian Inlet Surf Shop and bought a 5’1″ twin fin. Dad glassed over the twin boxes and glassed in a giant single fin. weird ass board, but it worked.

photo: Justin B. (Nias local)

First time surfing?

Even though my dad didn’t surf, he pushed me into my first wave at Coral Way (street in Indialantic, Florida) Many other east coasters came from there. Todd Morcom, Paul Reinecke, Bill Hartley, Mark Puchaty, Danny Melhado.

When did you realize that you had art skills?

First time I did art was cartoons of football players that I hated at Melbourne High School.

What mediums do you use?

I paint with Oil on wood.

What inspires your art? Surf? Travel?

Inspirations: John Singer Sargeant, Gustav Klimt, Picasso.

Indonesia inspires me. trying to earn money to get back there.

Where have you traveled lately?

Indonesia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Florida, North Carolina.

What are your future plans?

Future plans: keep getting barreled, marry my girlfriend, sell art for thousands of dollars.

Phil’s Posters/Art available at Imagekind

To buy some original pieces contact Phil directly:

(843)464-7326 studio
(843)251-7001 cell

  • bali

    phil g. rips and is a pure soul! buy his art so we can see more of his style.

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