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(Friday) 4.29.11

In Focus: Brian Mason


Local photographer, Brian Mason drops by to give the crew at Solpsot a minute of his time:

Solspot: So where ya from, Brian?

Brian Mason: I was born in Laguna Beach and currently live in Newport.

SS: What got you into surf photography?

BM: I started getting into photography at an early age shooting friends when we would bus from Fullerton to Newport to surf. I had bought a cheap Minolta Weathermatic film camera and was jazzed to get it in the water. My first roll of film was taken at tenth street Laguna and was instantly hooked. cheap gradually  became expensive.

SS: What’s your angle when it comes to surf photography?

BM: I like to shoot mostly from water.  When shooting from land I like to “pull back” to get the essence of the surroundings.

SS: What are your favorite subjects to shoot?

BM: I have a wide range of subjects that usually coincide with what I enjoy doing: skating, snowboarding, surfing (all forms) and hiking.

SS: Any surf photog travels under your belt?

BM: I once traveled with a friend for months through mainland Mexico by car and bus. I shot with my still camera and an old high 8 video documenting the adventure for a project called “Memory to Film.”

SS: What’s your current gig?

BM: I am currently shooting aerial photography for commercial real estate in Southern California.

SS: Cheers Brian! Keep up the killer work.

Quick Facts/Information


Web: www.brianmasonwork.com
Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
Favorite spot to shoot: : “Any shorebreak, mostly Wedge”
Fun Fact: “My friends nicknamed me “Mr. Gigglepants” because I’m always laughing.”

*If you’d like to be featured as a Solspot “In Focus” photographer, contact jon@solpsot.com … Shaka!


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