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(Saturday) 5.7.11

In Focus: Mike Delanzo


HB surf Photog, Mike Delanzo, stops in to gives us the low-down on what he’s got goin’ on:

Solspot: So, Mike… What’s your story?

Mike Delanzo: Well, I am from Huntington Beach, and I used to surf competitively in the mid 70′ in WSA. I competed against the likes of Allen Sarlo, Angie Reno, Steve Walden, Dale Dobson, Jay Riddle… it was pretty cool time.

SS:  Who do you currently shoot for?

MD: I shoot for 4 photography companies (freelance), doin’ corporate ,sports and events. I also shoot water shots for galleries and sell them online. I’ve been shooting over 20 years. I started water shooting with film in an A2 with a Photo-sonic housing.

SS: Does photography take care of all the bills?

MD: My real job is building homes in San Diego, but due to the economy, there’s not a lot of that happening… but just enough!

SS:  Have you ever traveled to surf and shoot?

MD: I have been to Hawaii and all over Mexico, Florida, and the Caribbean.

SS: Any final words?

MD: Water photography is my outlet and I will shoot until I can’t get my wetsuit
on anymore! I am a Leo and like to joke around. Surfing & surf photography are my life!

SS: Thanks Mike… Stay up.

Quick Facts/Information


Web: facebook
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite spot to shoot: : “I like to travel and shoot.”
Fun Fact: “I was in Mexico shooting in the water, when out of nowhere I got
nosed in my backside from a seal! … It scared the Sh@t out me!”

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