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(Friday) 4.15.11

In Focus: Nathan French

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Nathan was born in San Diego in  the mid 70′s where he says, “My love for the ocean first began.” After his parents split, he moved to the St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands where he went to elementary school.

I think it goes without saying that living on a gorgeous island for quite some time, allowed him to get much more familiar with the ocean. He snorkeled, body surfed and realized just how drawn to this gigantic entity he’d become.

As soon as Nathan and his mom had moved back to San Diego, he eagerly hit the water on a bodyboard. This is when he really began to grasp the feel of reading waves and getting shacked. Only a few years down the line, he made probably the most important purchase in a surfer’s life… his first stick. “I was hooked,” said Nathan. “I spent a lot of time riding closed out beach breaks in Coronado, where I went to High School, unless one of my friends with a car or their parents took us to a better spot.”

After attending culinary school, Nathan worked numerous jobs in the restaurant and catering business to afford surf gear. He bought his first point and shoot digital camera in 2004 and took a black and white photography class where he really learned the fundamentals of photography and the using the darkroom. That’s when Nathan said he knew he wanted to get serious about photography. “In 2007 I got my first D-SLR and in 2008 I finally got a water housing.” said Nathan.

“I love photographing waves and the ocean, with or without surfers.  When the surf is small I enjoy getting in the water and trying to get unique shore break shots.  Every shot is unique and there is always something you didn’t notice when you took the picture.  It can be very rewarding.” He says.

Nathan also shoots just about anything else you could imagine, including weddings, portraits, skateboarding, fashion, special events, and “just about anything that needs to be documented.”

Cheers Nathan.

Quick Facts/Information


Web: www.nathanfrenchphotography.com
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Favorite spot to shoot: : “I don’t like to name spots (I maintain my welcome that way) so my favorite spot to shoot or surf is anywhere that’s uncrowded, hollow and glassy.  Sunny and warm water is nice too, but I’m realistic.”
Fun Fact: Nathan got married in Vegas last May by Elvis at the Graceland Chapel… Congrats dude!

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    That beach break pick is sick. Looks like J-E-L-L-O

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